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October 13, 2015

AB Inbev agrees to buy SABMiller with a sweetened $106 billion offer.

  The Budweiser maker upped its offer to £69 billion, or a 50% premium on the company’s Sept. 14 closing share price when Anheuser Busch first made its offer. Once the deal is formalized, the new company will produce one in three beers sold globally; analysts believe its pre-tax earnings could reach $25 billion next year.  
October 13, 2015

Iran’s government approves its nuclear deal.

  The nation’s parliament voted overwhelmingly to begin rolling back its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions, in a big domestic win for president Hassan Rouhani, a moderate who negotiated the deal with the West. Iran is expected to begin removing centrifuges at the end of this week.  
October 13, 2015

One person is killed and over a dozen injured in Israeli attacks.

  Two attackers who opened fire and stabbed 18 bus passengers in Jerusalem were “shot and neutralized” by Israeli police; elsewhere two other attacks left four more people injured. The attacks represent an escalation in violence in the last month, fuelled by tensions over a holy site in Jerusalem.
October 13, 2015

Uber suspend its operations in another European city.

  The app-based ride hailing company will close down its UberPop offering tonight in Brussels after a court ruled that it could not continue the service (paywall). It was initially unclear whether Uber would adhere to the court’s ruling; it can still operate UberX, which is staffed by professional drivers.
October 13, 2015
Chart of the Moment

Chinese universities are climbing international rankings—but still lag in many key respects.

October 13, 2015

After 62 years, Playboy will no longer feature pictures of naked women.

  With enough of those already on the internet, the magazine will focus on its articles.  

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