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38 mins ago

Malaysia clears its prime minister of corruption.

  The nation’s anti-corruption office referred to the hundreds of millions of dollars that ended up in Najib Razak’s bank accounts as “donations,” effectively clearing him of suspicion of graft. But no information was offered concerning where the money came from or what it was for; opposition parties are unsatisfied.  
39 mins ago

AIG beats expectations.

  The US insurer reported a second-quarter operating profit of $1.9 billion, ahead of expectations due largely to investments in Chinese insurance companies and the aircraft lessor AerCap. But income from underwriting fell in all the company’s units except retirement, worrying some investors.  
38 mins ago

ASEAN discusses the South China Sea.

  Ministers from Southeast Asian nations plus China and the US are gathered in Kuala Lumpur; China has hinted that it will not talk about its controversial territorial ambitions in the region, which other countries are eager to discuss. Last week, China and ASEAN nations agreed to establish a hotline for emergencies in the region.  
33 mins ago
Chart of the Moment

Which is more costly, the chicken or the egg?

37 mins ago

There is an Indonesian chicken that is black inside and out.

  The “Ayam Cemani” even has black internal organs.  
37 mins ago

Harvard prefers college essays that reference “mother” and “father.”

  Stanford, on the other hand, likes “mom” and “dad.”  

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