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British Airways’ parent reports a bumper quarter.

  IAG reported a second-quarter operating profit of €530 million ($580 million), up 40% from a year earlier on cost cuts and better profit at its Iberia unit. The company, close to boosting its North American offerings via the purchase of Ireland’s Aer Lingus, maintained its €2.2 billion full-year forecast.  
4 hours ago

Four Indians are kidnapped in Lybia.

  The university teachers were taken at a checkpoint in Sirte, a city close to the capital Tripoli, according to the BBC. It is so far not clear who kidnapped the four teachers, and no ransom has been made; it is believed members of the Islamic State are responsible.  
1 hour ago

China’s stocks end their worst month in six years.

  The Shanghai Composite Index dropped 15% in July, the worst of more than 90 global benchmarks tracked by Bloomberg. That’s despite incredible amounts of government stimulus, which has been only occasionally successful at propping up prices.  
1 hour ago

Comet explorer Philae finds building blocks of life on P67.

  The European Space Agency’s comet explorer reported back the presence of at least 16 organic compounds known to be the building blocks of life. Philae landed on the comet last November.  
7 hours ago
Chart of the Moment

3D printing is not the miracle we were promised.

1 hour ago

Your typing tempo is a dead giveaway.

  It creates a unique profile based on your keystroke patterns.  
1 hour ago

A computer successfully umpired a professional baseball game.

  It called strikes and balls, all without the aid of a human.  

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