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No, the alternative to a nuclear deal with Iran is not inevitable war

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The Iran deal is going to—hopefully—take just one more day.

  Many were hoping an agreement between six world powers and Iran over its nuclear program would be reached by the end of today, but according to a US official, more time is needed to hammer out the final details and talks will continue into Wednesday. Whether or not the deal goes through, Iran’s future prospects remain shaky.
5 hours ago

Lufthansa knew Lubitz had a history of depression.

  Andreas Lubitz, the 27-year-old Germanwings co-pilot who crashed a passenger jet last week, exchanged emails with his employer in 2009 that described an “episode of severe depression” he had experienced before becoming a pilot. Prosecutors say he had been diagnosed as suicidal at one point. Cellphone video footage has also been recovered from the final seconds of the flight, though it’s not public.
8 hours ago

HP wants $5.1 billion from Autonomy’s former bosses.

  It’s suing the ex CEO and CFO for the sum that Meg Whitman, the CEO of HP, says the computer firm overpaid for the British software maker in 2011. Autonomy stands accused of financial fraud, a case that’s still pending in the US Department of Justice; UK authorities have dropped a similar investigation.
8 hours ago

Goodluck’s luck just ran out.

  Sitting Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has reportedly called 72-year-old Muhammadu Buhari to congratulate him on his victory in the weekend’s election. Buhari, a former military dictator, inherits quite a few problems, including how to balance the books at the current low price of oil.
8 hours ago
Chart of the Moment

Americans love their trucks—Europe, not so much.

March 31, 2015

Europe sees another month of deflation.

  Consumer prices in the eurozone fell 0.1% in March, easing up from February’s 0.3% drop. Fresh numbers on jobs showed that the unemployment rate ticked downward in February to 11.3% from 11.4%, but the data continue to be heavily polarized. Germany has 4.8% unemployment, while Greece is at 26% and Spain at 23.2% (pdf).
6 hours ago

Glow-in-the-dark tampons will test for sewage.

  The absorbent properties of tampons mean they easily soak up particles called “optical brighteners” that are found in common cleaning products and even toothpaste, and glow under ultraviolet light. Researchers have found that the tampons, dipped into rivers, make ideal detectors for finding where sewage is flowing in.

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