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Daytime photos capture the eerie quiet of Hong Kong’s central district

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Catalonia scraps independence vote marketing blitz. When the Catalonian government scheduled a Nov. 9 referendum on its sovereignty, the Spanish government asked the constitutional court to intervene. Sure enough, it did, prompting Catalonia to stop publicizing the referendum (paywall) for fear of defying the court’s ruling. Private individuals, however, are still free to beat the independence drum.

4 hours ago

Kenya magically becomes a middle-income country. After Kenya’s statistics agency rebased GDP figures and tweaked an Excel spreadsheet, the economy “grew” by 25% to an annual GDP of $55.2 billion last year versus a previously reported $44.1 billion. The World Bank now considers the African nation to be a “middle-income” economy instead of a “low-income” one. Even with per capita GDP now $1,246, however, poverty levels remain at 45.9%.

September 30, 2014
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Brazil’s markets fear four more years of Dilma Rousseff

4 hours ago

Sweden’s sewage has an explosive secret. The pipes that run under the homes of Stockholm’s 700,000 residents are being retrofitted with sensors that can detect the chemicals bomb makers use to manufacture their explosives. Members of the UK’s Ministry of Defence and the US Department of Homeland Security have taken an interest in the project, which is known as “Emphasis”.

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