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2 hours ago

China kicks off its lavish military parade.

  Over 10,000 troops, 200 aircraft, and a host of new missiles and weaponry are being paraded through the streets of Beijing to commemorate the end of World War Two—known in China as the War of Resistance Against Japan. In his opening speech, president Xi Jinping announced plans to cut 300,000 troops from the army, as part of a radical plan to modernize the force.  
2 hours ago

The IMF sounds the alarm over global growth.

  The forecast for worldwide economic growth could be cut significantly, the International Monetary Fund warned the G20. The IMF, which downgraded the same forecast in June, pushed the group to implement policies to boost growth, regardless of recent market volatility.  
2 hours ago

The European Central Bank meets.

  Analysts don’t expect the bank to tweak its interest rate, but it could change its inflation forecast. Discussions over China’s economic slump, and its effects on European markets, are also expected.  
2 hours ago

Tesla gives a date for its first mass-market car.

  CEO Elon Musk announced in a tweet that the electric car company’s first $35,000 auto, the Model 3, will be available in two years, following an unveiling in March. Musk added that the affordability of the car relies on the completion of the company’s planned “gigafactory,” a Nevada battery-making plant.  
2 hours ago
Chart of the Moment

The Apple Watch may cater for the future, but an Apple TV will certainly cater for the present.

2 hours ago

Cannabis-infused wine is making a comeback.

  The drink was last popular among ancient religious sects.  
2 hours ago

You can Google “fun facts” and it will return a fun fact for you.

  It also provides a link to the original content.  

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