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Jeff Bezos is either the world’s best CEO—or a terrible underperformer

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2 hours ago

You can buy a Tesla in China now—on the internet.

  Elon Musk has put the Model S on sale via Alibaba’s website. Buyers won’t be able to customize their vehicles; instead they’ll have a choice of 18 pre-configured models. No word as to when the cars will ship, but buyers are being asked to put down a $8,200 deposit.
4 hours ago

Microsoft is about to join the smart-watch race.

  Forbes reports the software company will launch its own wearable device “within the next few weeks.” The watch will last two days on a charge, work with both Android and iOS; Windows Phone should be a given. All that’s unknown is its name and price.
5 hours ago

Ctrl-Alt-Del! UK payment system crashes.

  Botched maintenance shut down a crucial part of the country’s payment system, which delayed big-ticket transfers between banks and affected house purchases. These payments were processed manually, but thankfully, the system is back up. Card payments and other routine consumer transactions were unaffected.
7 hours ago

Sweden is hunting for a suspected Russian submarine.

  Military officials say they are sweeping the seas around Stockholm based on reports of “foreign undersea activity.” It has so far mobilized its largest force since the end of the Cold War to find the ship, which was at one point less than 50km (30 miles) from Stockholm.
4 hours ago
Chart of the Moment

Goldman didn’t get the memo about the slowing economy.

3 hours ago

Russian artists slices off a part of his ear.

  Pyotr Pavlensky says his demonstration—in public, in the nude—was symbolic, with the earlobe representing individuals who are “segregated” from society by being forcibly put in psychiatric institutions. This isn’t Pavlensky’s first extreme protest, earlier this year he nailed his scrotum to Red Square.

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