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These are the places in the US where people still don’t have smartphones

December 16, 2013
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December 16, 2013

Smartphones: In the US, they’re everywhere, right? Not quite, suggests a new interactive map assembled by mapping company Esri, based on data from consumer research firm GfK MRI.

People who live in cities are way more likely to have smartphones. Darker counties represent higher smartphone ownership. As you’d expect, the Northeast corridor is one gigantic, fused block of smartphone owners.

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Wealth, city living translate to smartphone ownership.(Esri)

The same is true of southern California.

southern california smartphone map

But some parts of America don’t have any smartphones at all. Here’s an odd hole in the middle of Nebraska where rates of smartphone ownership are abysmal.

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The hole in the middle of the US in which almost no one seems to have a smartphone.(Esri)

It’s a visual reminder that smartphones are still only 64% of the phones in the US. If you’re an American, you may not have seen a feature phone in a while. If so, that’s probably because, like 80.7% of your countrymen, you live in a city.

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