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The 39 people under 30 at Davos

January 22, 2014
January 22, 2014

On the list of more than 2,600 people at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos this year, the attendees who caught our eye were the young ones. Call them the Davos 1%, the wunderkinds, or simply the under-30’s. Here they all are:

Umar Anwar Jahangir Umar Anwar Jahangir
Age: 21
Country: Pakistan
Role: Founder and Secretary
Organization: Bahria Medics
More info: Umar Anwar Jahangir
Ding Jie Ding Jie
Age: 22
Country: China
Role: Executive Director
Organization: Liaoning TV Station
More info:  Ding Jie
Pavel Koktshev Pavel Koktyshev
Age: 23
Country: Kazakhstan
Role: Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Organization: Club of Young Entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan
More info: Pavel Koktyshev
Apurv Mishra Apurv Mishra
Age: 23
Country: India
Role: Founder
Organization: Glavio Wearable Computing
More info: Apurv Mishra
Zach Sims Zach Sims
Age: 23
Country: US
Role: Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Organization: Codeacademy
More info: Zach Sims
Dwi Lestari Ariotedjo Dwi Lestari Ariotedjo
Age: 24
Country: Indonesia
Role: Medical Doctor, Faculty of Medicine
Organization: University of Indonesia
More info: Dwi Lestari Ariotedjo
Noreen Marian Bautista Noreen Marian Bautista
Age: 24
Country: Philippines
Role: General Manager
Organization: CBS Social Enterprise Asia
More info: Noreen Marian Bautista
Francisco Goiana-da-Silva Francisco Goiana-da-Silva
Age: 24
Country: Portugal
Role: Medical Interim, Health Policy Department
Organization: World Health Organization (WHO)
More info: Francisco Goiana-da-Silva
Mushfiq Hasanov Mushfiq Hasanov
Age: 24
Country: Azerbaijan
Role: Chief Executive Officer
Organization: Altro Creative
More info: Mushfiq Hasanov
Doreen Estazia Noni Doreen E. Noni
Age: 24
Country: Tanzania
Role: Owner and Creative Director
Organization: Eskado Bird
More info: Doreen E. Noni
Dilbar Sadykova Dilbar Sadykova
Age: 24
Country: Russia
Role: Chief Executive Offficer
Organization: International Youth Diplomacy League
More info: Dilbar Sadykova
Mohamad Ziad Mabsout Mohamad Ziad Mabsout
Age: 24
Country: Lebanon
Role: Senior Investment Analyst
Organization: Fortium Consulting
More info: Mohamad Ziad Mabsout
Raffi Mardirosian Raffi Mardirosian
Age: 25
Country: US
Role: Founder
Organization: SEDI Labs
More info: Raffi Mardirosian
Gilbert Omware Gilbert Omware
Age: 25
Country: Kenya
Role: Executive Director
Organization: African Solution for Africa Programme (ASAP)
More info: Gilbert Omware
Caroline Ghosn Caroline Ghosn
Age: 26
Country: US
Role: Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Organization: Levo
More info: Caroline Ghosn
Adam Grodecki Adam Grodecki
Age: 26
Country: UK
Role: Consultant
Organization: The Boston Consulting Group
More info: Adam Grodecki
Bonolo Ramokhele Bonolo Ramokhele
Age: 26
Country: South Africa
Role: Executive Director
Organization: Leofortis Group
More info: Bonolo Ramokhele
Terence Steinberg Terence Steinberg
Age: 26
Country: US
Role: Executive Director
Organization: A Tu Lado
More info: Terence Steinberg
Ayman Arandi Ayman Arandi
Age: 27
Country: Palestianian Territories
Role: Co-Founder and General Manager
Organization: Iris Interactive Solutions
More info: Ayman Arandi
Kathy Gong Xiaosi Kathy Gong Xiaosi
Age: 27
Country: China
Role: Founder and Chairwoman
Organization: KG Inc.
More info: Kathy Gong Xiaosi
Arundhuti Gupta Arundhuti Gupta
Age: 27
Country: India
Role: Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Organization: Mentor Together
More info: Arundhuti Gupta
Amir Shihadeh Amir Shihadeh
Age: 27
Country: US
Role: Founder and Director
Organization: Youth Association for Reality and Awareness (YARA)
More info: Amir Shihadeh
Alejandro Brenes Alejandro Brenes
Age: 28
Country: Costa Rica
Role: Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Organization: Enertiva
More info: Alejandro Brenes
Rajeeb Dey Rajeeb Dey
Age: 28
Country: UK
Role: Chief Executive Officer
More info: Rajeeb Dey
Bousso Drame Bousso Drame
Age: 28
Country: Senegal
Role: Policy Specialist
Organization: The World Bank
More info: Bousso Drame
Anders Mjaset Anders Mjaset
Age: 28
Country: Norway
Role: Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Organization: MESH
More info: Anders Mjaset
Rina Onur Sirinoglu Rina Onur Sirinoglu
Age: 28
Country: Turkey
Role: Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
Organization: Peak Games
More info: Rina Onur Sirinoglu
Hiromi Ozaki Hiromi Ozaki
Age: 28
Country: Japan
Role: Assistant Professor
Organization: MIT Media Laboratory
More info: Hiromi Ozaki
John Riady John Riady
Age: 28
Country: US
Role: Director
Organization: Lippo Group
More info: John Riady
Jorge Soto Jorge Soto
Age: 28
Country: Mexico
Role: Founder
Organization: Data4
More info: Jorge Soto
Raul Vidal y Sepulveda Raul Vidal y Sepulveda
Age: 28
Country: Puerto Rico
Role: Partner
Organization: Brickstone Holdings LLC
More info: Raul Vidal y Sepulveda
Ivan Vozmilov Ivan Vozmilov
Age: 28
Country: Russia
Role: Head, Youth Programmes Department
Organization: Ural State University of Economics
More info: Ivan Vozmilov
Diao Shuwen Diao Shuwen
Age: 29
Country: China
Role: Producer
Organization: International Channel Shanghai
More info: Diao Shuwen
Oleksandr Elkin Oleksandr Elkin
Age: 29
Country: Ukraine
Role: Deputy-Director, Educational Initiatives
Organization: Stella Systems LLC
More info: Oleksandr Elkin
Whitney Johnson Whitney Johnson
Age: 29
Country: US
Role: Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Organization: Ubuntu Africa
More info: Whitney Johnson
Kevin Mahaffey Kevin Mahaffey
Age: 29
Country: US
Role: Chief Technology Officer
Organization: Lookout Inc
More info: Kevin Mahaffey
Reem Mouazzen Reem Mouazzen
Age: 29
Country: US
Role: Founder
Organization: Filfil Smart Phone App
More info: Reem Mouazzen
Jennifer Raffoul Jennifer Raffoul
Age: 29
Country: Trinidad & Tobago
Role: Founder
Organization: Made in the Caribbean
More info: Jennifer Raffoul 
Hamza Tahiri Hamza Tahiri
Age: 29
Country: France
Role: Founder
Organization: Ionia Consulting
More info: Hamza Tahiri

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