Disney will keep milking “Frozen” for all it’s worth

August 5, 2014
August 5, 2014

The numbers: Very good. Net income last quarter was $2.25 billion, at $1.28 per share, beating expectations of $2.04 billion. Revenues were $12.47 billion, up 8% from the same quarter last year. The stock was up very slightly in after-hours trading.

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The takeaway: As expected, the animated hit Frozen continued to pull in revenue for Disney. It was the biggest contributor to the studio entertainment segment because of international box office and home entertainment revenue. Frozen merchandise will continue bringing revenue, with a holiday season line in the works. Net income from the cable networks decreased 7%, to 1.9 billion for the quarter due to the costs of airing the World Cup and Major League Baseball. Even though the Disney-owned ABC lagged behind other networks last season, broadcasting revenues were up 7% last quarter.

What’s interesting: As income from television has become less reliable for the industry, Disney has invested heavily in its parks and resorts. The company had $3.98 billion in revenues—up 8% from last year—on its theme parks and resorts in the last quarter. Disney is building a new resort in Shanghai, and it increased prices for its theme parks and cruise lines (eliciting some unhappy responses). The company will also capitalize on its popular franchises in the parks, with plans to expand the Star Wars presence along with the December 2015 release of Star Wars: Episode 7.

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