Charts explain how Apple’s profit fell while its revenue rose

April 23, 2013
April 23, 2013

Apple just reported its first significant year-over-year drop in profits since 2003, even though the company’s earnings grew from the same quarter a year ago. How did that happen? Let’s dig into the charts.

First, here’s a look at Apple’s earnings over time:

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Apple's earnings per share in Q2 2013

Part of the reason that profits fell while revenue grew is that, in the same quarter a year ago, Apple had its highest profit margin in five years, at 47.3%. That wasn’t the case this time around: Apple’s margin was 37.5% in the latest quarter.

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The decline in margins can be partially attributed to disappointing sales of the iPhone, which is Apple’s highest-margin product, by far. This past quarter, the iPhone accounted for a smaller portion of Apple’s revenue than a year prior, and sold for $613 apiece, the phone’s lowest average retail price in at least three years.

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The portion of Apple's revenue that comes from iPhones

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