An 8-year-old skateboarder became the youngest girl to compete against adults at Vans’ pro-competition

Sky Brown is not your typical eight-year-old.

The Japanese native is already a pro skater, and YouTube videos of her shredding hard have amassed hundreds of thousands of views. This summer, she caught the attention of the global skating community when she became the youngest girl to compete at the Vans US Open Pro Series, reports the magazine Be-Street.

Though she fell off her board during a heat, spectators were nonetheless dazzled by her performance. “She skates bigger than she is,” a sports commentator said during the competition (video below).

Brown, who’s from Miyazaki, Japan, has been surrounded by skateboards her entire life. Not only does she comes from a family of skaters, the preschool she attended had its own skatepark. Her five-year-old brother, Ocean, is quite deft on a board too. Here’s Ocean tearing it up in an indoor skatepark:

UNLEASHING THE CHAOS!! My little buddy Ocean turned 5 today!! Happy Birthday little man, you are so funny, naughty, but super kind all at the same time and I am super Proud of you. Loving everyday we have together and wish we could slow this journey down, cause its soo damn fun.. Sometimes it's hard to know when to hold you back and when to let you go, your just 5 buddy. But I know someday you will read and understand these words, locked forever in cyberspace.. Thankyou for making me laugh so much. You are such a free spirit and I wanna be more like you… Happy 5th Birthday, love you man.. YEW!! Rad Music by @davidgonzalez #5yearsold #warchild #shred #shreded #gnarr #nolimits @christianhosoi @dcshoes @dcshoesjapan @hosoiskateboards @selectdistribution @smithscabs @goprojp @skatersocksusa @fpinsoles #hosoiskateboards @jessupgriptape @indo_board @stickybumps @hawkersco @vertra @gopro @superbrand @jessup #skater #skatelife #metroskateboarding #skateboarding #skatecrunch #gopro #metrogrammed #shralpin #thrasher #boneless #skate #skatelife #skateboard #awsmkids #dcshoes #fun #ocean #speedtoburn #goinghard #boardslide #teamhosoi

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These two pint-sized skaters could end up being quite marketable. Sky already has a handful of sponsors, and an Instagram account maintained by their mom has close to 50,000 followers.

Sky’s other passion is surfing. According to a 2014 interview she did with the site Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word, she was “hooked” after her first time on the waves. “Now I get up super early every morning and jump on my dad until he wakes up and takes me surfing,” she said. Perhaps there’s a surfing career in her future too.

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