Chinese tourists aren’t just behaving badly—they’re also getting robbed

May 30, 2013
May 30, 2013


Chinese tourists don’t have the greatest reputation abroad, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to get robbed. Unfortunately a fondness for carrying cash and buying luxury items has made Chinese travelers prime targets for French thieves. As a Guangzhou-based tour operator put it to the South China Morning Post: “a busload of Chinese tourists is like a van carrying gold bullion.”

The number of robberies of Chinese in Paris is up 10% on last year, and theft has increased by half. France receives a million Chinese visitors each year, who spend about $2,000 each—and that’s not counting the robberies. In March 23 tourists were relieved of their passports, plane tickets and just under $10,000 in cash, and this week Chinese travelers (albeit ones who were traveling on business) were also robbed at the French Open tennis tournament and a hotel in Paris.

Is this all karmic payback for bad behavior? Beijing politely reminded French authorities that uncouth behavior like tagging a 3,500-year-old Egyptian artifact doesn’t justify robbing innocent tourists of their possessions. There’s a joke going around on the Chinese social network Weibo, according to China Daily: there are two types of Chinese in Paris–those have been robbed and those who will be.

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