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A fed-up Obama has declared a “national emergency” for cyberattacks in the US

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Iraq declares a “magnificent victory” in Tikrit.

  The country’s defense minister says the Islamic State’s forces have been fully eradicated, and that the country has control of the Saddam Hussain’s hometown—less than 100 miles from the capital, Baghdad. It certainly helped that the US provided some air support last week.
2 hours ago

Russia’s economic outlook goes from bad to worse.

  The World Bank’s December forecast for the future of the Russian economy predicted that collapsing oil prices and Western sanctions would force a 0.7% contraction in 2015. That’s now been modified down to a 3.8% contraction (paywall), with the potential to go even further, to 4.6%, if oil prices drop further.
4 hours ago

Takeda offers $2.2 billion to settle a patient lawsuit.

  Asia’s largest drug maker offered the sum to settle claims it hid the cancer risks of its Actos diabetes medicine, according to Bloomberg. In all, Takeda hopes to settle 8,000 lawsuits with the figure, following three years of litigation over the drug.
4 hours ago

The EU scraps its milk quotas.

  Dairy farmers were able to sharply increase production after the EU ended a cap in order to better allow European farmers to meet demand from growing markets in Asia and Africa. Smaller businesses were concerned that milk prices will drop.
4 hours ago
Chart of the Moment

Huawei can outspend even some of the biggest on R&D.

April 01, 2015

An Iran deal is—hopefully—on its way.

  The deadline for an agreement between six world powers and Iran over its nuclear program was extended after an apparent breakthrough.
April 01, 2015

GoDaddy IPOs at more than $3 billion.

  The domain-name registration and hosting company priced shares in its IPO at $20, above the expected $17-$19 range, according to Bloomberg. The company generates revenue from hosting websites, but lost $143 million last year.

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