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HSBC’s headquarters dilemma: Higher taxes in London or communist control in Hong Kong

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The Germanwings co-pilot rehearsed his deadly descent.

  Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot suspected of intentionally crashing a Germanwings plane into the French Alps, instructed the plane’s autopilot to descend to 100 feet during an earlier flight on the day of the crash. The change, which had little effect since the plane was already descending, was made while the flight’s captain was briefly out of the cockpit. The apparent rehearsal was uncovered by French investigators inspecting the plane’s black box flight data recorders.
5 hours ago

Greece makes its payment deadline.

  The cash-strapped country sent the International Monetary Fund a €200-million ($225 million) debt repayment that was due today, according to Reuters. Greece is still negotiating with euro-zone creditors and the IMF for help to repay its debts; a €750 million payment due next week will be tougher for the country to make.  
May 05, 2015

Microsoft mulls a bid for Salesforce.

  The computing giant is considering a bid for the $50 billion cloud software provider after another unnamed suitor made an offer for Salesforce last month, according to Bloomberg. Microsoft is not yet in talks with Salesforce, which has hired two investment banks to weigh its options.  
3 hours ago

The euro zone’s service sector fails to keep up.

  The Markit purchasing managers’ index for the economic bloc’s non-manufacturing sector dropped to 54.1 in April, from 54.2 in March, but remained above the 50 mark that separates expansion from contraction. Activity in Ireland and Spain led the way, but France was a laggard.
3 hours ago

The ECB will reportedly discuss whether to prolong a lifeline for Greek banks.

  Lenders there are almost wholly reliant on the central bank for affordable financing, as they have been shut out of the open market amid fears that the cash-strapped Greek state is about to go bust.
May 06, 2015

Western Union enters talks to buy MoneyGram.

  The potential deal, reported by Bloomberg, comes as the two remittance giants face increasing competition from low-cost competitors including Wal-Mart. MoneyGram is valued at $415 million and has almost $1 billion in debt.
May 05, 2015
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Groupon is still the fastest company to reach a $1 billion valuation.

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