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More than a 100 Indian policewomen are in Ebola-ravaged Liberia and the government has no plan to save them

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Yahoo scrapes through the third quarter.

  The tech giant’s mobile operations boosted results after generating $200 million in revenue in the period. Total revenue excluding partner sites was $1.09 billion—1.5% higher than last year and higher than estimates. But as one analyst put it: “To have 1% growth be better than expected says something about Yahoo at the moment.”
3 hours ago

The Washington Post’s legendary editor, Ben Bradlee, dies at 93.

  Bradlee ran the the Post newsroom for 26 years beginning in 1965. He oversaw the uncovering of the Watergate scandal that brought down Richard Nixon and the publication of the Pentagon Papers, which exposed the US governent’s secret history of the Vietnam war.
3 hours ago

ISIL may have US-dropped weapons.

  The US military is examining a video uploaded by the Islamic State that appears to show its fighters in possession of weapons destined for Kurdish fighters in Kobani. US planes airdropped weapons and ammunition on Monday; a Pentagon spokesperson said the majority ended up in the right hands.
October 21, 2014

Daimler sells its Tesla shares.

  “Our partnership with Tesla is very successful and will be continued,” but it seems the German automaker is more interested in the roughly $780 million it will make from ridding itself of its 4% piece of Tesla. The news isn’t surprising given the Daimler CEO’s bearish attitude (paywall) towards Tesla’s battery “gigafactory”.
October 21, 2014
Chart of the Moment

Good luck trying to guess the cheapest time to buy your tickets.

October 21, 2014

McDonald’s profits have taken a 30% hit.

  Americans are choosing to get their fast food from other restaurants, bringing the Big Mac maker’s net income down to $1.07 billion, from $1.52 billion a year ago. Sales in the US and worldwide are both down 3.3%—investors were expecting a decline of 2.9% and 3%, respectively. The situation in China and Russia isn’t helping.
3 hours ago

Taylor Swift’s white noise tops the charts.

  The singer accidentally released an eight-second track filled only with static, ahead of her highly anticipated album which is due out next week. It immediately became the top seller on iTunes in Canada.
October 21, 2014

Estonia will let foreigners become “digital residents.”

  For €50 ($64), Estonia will soon let non-Estonians apply for an “e-residency” that gives them a digital identity allowing them do business in the country without actually being there. They’ll still need to visit an Estonian police station to get their biometric data recorded, though that will expand to embassies in late 2015.

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