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17 mins ago

Japan resumes whaling.

  After a year of suspended activity, the country will send out its whaling fleet, defying international criticism and a UN court decision. The mission will last from December to March, and will hunt 333 Antarctic minke whales.
18 mins ago

Brazil faces some bad GDP news.

  The economy is expected to contract by more than 1% in the third quarter—its worst performance in nearly two decades. Domestic demand has been drained by high inflation and unemployment, extending the country’s recession into its third consecutive quarter.
19 mins ago

The IMF raises the status of China’s currency.

  The International Monetary Fund added the yuan (pronounced something like “you-en,” but that’s just for starters) to its basket of reserve currencies. Does that mean the yuan is finally a major global currency, up there with the dollar, euro, pound, and yen? Not quite.
19 mins ago

Turkey detains thousands of Europe-bound migrants.

  Authorities rounded up some 1,300 people trying to cross into Greece and sent them to repatriation centers, after Turkey was offered €3 billion from the EU to stem the refugee flow. Meanwhile, the US moved forward with a plan to tighten restrictions on its visa-free entry program, in an effort to filter out potential terrorists.
6 hours ago
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The banana is in danger

22 mins ago

Santa upgraded his sleigh this year.

  In Brazil, he may arrive in a stolen helicopter.
21 mins ago

Amazon’s new deliveries need a big lawn.

  The company says it’s close to rolling out a hybrid plane-copter drone.

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