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Hundreds are dead after a massive earthquake in Nepal

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April 24, 2015

Greece’s request for aid gets smacked down, as does its finance minister.

  Eurozone finance ministers lashed out at their Greek counterpart, Yanis Varoufakis, during talks today, reportedly accusing him of being a “gambler” and a “time-waster.” Insisting on a full economic reform package, they denied Greece’s attempt to secure a cash advance based on partial measures.
April 24, 2015

Pakistan has a sharp response to the US drone attack that left two hostages dead.

  Pakistan’s foreign ministry said that the strike, which accidentally killed two westerners held by al-Queda, “demonstrates the risk and unintended consequences of the use of this technology” and that “having lost thousands of innocent civilians in the war against terrorism, Pakistan can fully understand this tragic loss.”
April 24, 2015

Polish statesman Władysław Bartoszewski is dead at 93.

  The historian and former Polish foreign minister died in Warsaw, Polish media report (link in Polish). Bartoszewski was part of the Polish underground movement during World War II, and later the anti-Communist opposition. An Auschwitz concentration camp survivor, he served as a liaison between Poland and Germany for decades after the war.
April 24, 2015

Samsung ramps up Galaxy S6 production.

  Higher-than-expected demand for the company’s new curved-screen S6 Edge prompted it to open a third screen factory sooner than planned, boosting production to 5 million per month from 2 million previously.
April 24, 2015

Nine are arrested in connection to an alleged terror plot targeting the Vatican.

  According to Italian authorities, wiretaps showed that a terror cell operating out of Sardinia was planning to bomb the Vatican in 2010. Some of the 18 suspects were said to have also been involved in attacks in Pakistan; two of the men are alleged to be former bodyguards of Osama bin Laden.    
April 24, 2015
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Kids can’t tell the difference between journalism and advertising

April 24, 2015

The captain of a migrant smuggling ship faces justice.

  The Tunisian captain of the boat that capsized off the coast of Libya last weekend and killed hundreds of migrants will emerge from detention in Italy, along with a Syrian crew member, to stand before a judge on human trafficking charges.
April 24, 2015

Will this help repair Russia’s damaged relationships with the West?

  The Moscow Times reports that several Russian ministries want the government to admit 30% more foreign students to Russian universities—tuition-free—to form a bloc of pro-Kremlin elites. These young ambassadors, a draft government order argues, would “more effectively advance Russian interests, including those of a long-term nature.”
April 24, 2015

The latest beauty product from Japan: collagen beer

  Marketed to women with an inexplicably sexist slogan, Precious, a brew from the beer and spirits maker Suntory, promises anti-ageing properties. However, its actual effects on your looks are dubious: it is still an alcoholic beer, and experts say ingesting collagen is not the fountain of youth you are looking for.

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