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33 mins ago

The Nobel Peace Prize goes to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet.

  The quartet—made of legal, human rights, labor, and trade and industry groups—were chosen for their work in the “building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia” following the 2011 revolution that kicked off the Arab Spring. They formed a “peaceful political process” that averted the threat of civil war in the country, the Nobel committee said.  
32 mins ago

There’s a second US investigation into Volkswagen.

  Federal and California regulators have begun an investigation into a second computer program in VW’s diesel cars (paywall), which are at the heart of an emissions scandal that has rocked the car company. VW has withdrawn its 2016 models of its diesel cars from environmental certification.
32 mins ago

France confirms it hit Syria with more airstrikes.

  Fighter planes destroyed an ISIL training camp in Raqqa, in the country’s north, and more attacks will follow, defense minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told Europe 1 radio. The purpose was to attack camps that France believes are training fighters to bring violence to mainland Europe, Le Drian said.  
32 mins ago

Glencore announces cuts to zinc production and jobs.

  The Swiss-based mining giant—which has been pummelled by financial marketsrecently—will slash production by 500,000 tonnes (551,200 tons), or 4% of global supply, to counteract prices falling to multiyear lows. The announcement, along with 500 job cuts that will mainly affect Australian workers, sent the price of zinc up by 6%.  
29 mins ago
Chart of the Moment

Growth in Africa’s mobile subscriptions is slowing down—but tower sharing can help.

31 mins ago

A lake in India is so polluted that it sometimes catches fire.

  The toxic froth in Bangalore is covered in a flammable foam.  
32 mins ago

Researchers have reconstructed part of a rat brain in a computer.

  It’s part of a project that eventually wants to recreate a digital human brain (paywall).  

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