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18 mins ago

Toyota loses its global sales crown.

  The Japanese auto maker reported global sales of 5.02 million for the first half of the year, putting Volkswagen—which sold 5.04 million—at number one for the period. European demand for cars reached its highest in over five years, offsetting an overall slowdown in sales led by a slower-growing China.  
18 mins ago

China’s stock market slips again.

  The Shanghai stock exchange finished trading down 1.7% after falling as much as 5% during the day. That drop comes after the volatile market fell by 8.5% on Monday, its biggest drop in almost a decade, prompting yet more promises from Beijing that stocks will be propped up (paywall).  
6 hours ago

South Korea declares an “end to MERS.”

  The government claimed the country can be free from concerns about the disease after recording23 days without any new infections. The World Health Organization said the country would need to wait for a 28-day period before claiming that the respiratory disease is completely gone.  
11 mins ago
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The US are competing with China for influence in Africa.

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