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37 mins ago

ISIL’s leader may be seriously wounded.

  An air strike in western Iraq nearly killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi last month, according to The Guardian’s sources (though the paper also notes there have been false reports of his death before). His injuries were reportedly so severe that meetings were held to determine his replacement, and he’s still not involved in “day-to-day control” of the terrorist group.
52 mins ago

Europe threatens to ban Thai seafood.

  The EU is giving Thailand six months to put reforms in place (paywall) to eliminate questionable fishing tactics—including dynamite fishing. Thailand is the world’s third largest fish exporter, according to the UN, and exported $319 million in seafood to the EU last year, 15% of the country’s fisheries exports.
2 hours ago

Russia’s economy is shrinking.

  The numbers are in: 2% GDP contraction in the first quarter, according to prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. The last time the economy shrank was in 2009. Assuming oil prices hover around $50 a barrel, Russia’s central bank estimates the economy may slide as much as 4% this year, more than the 3% predicted earlier this year (paywall).
5 hours ago

Xi Jinping addresses Pakistan’s parliament.

  The Chinese president said that the two countries “share a common stake in security,” a day after announcing $46 billion in infrastructure and energy projects. China’s planned trade corridor through Pakistan is likely to require a heavy security force; earlier this morning, suspected militants attacked an air-traffic control tower.
5 hours ago

Credit Suisse profit climbs 23%.

  The first European bank to report first-quarter earnings said net profit rose to 1 billion Swiss francs ($1.1 billion), marginally ahead of expectations. Its private bank for wealthy clients performed well as the bank continued to cut back its investment banking operations.
5 hours ago
Chart of the Moment

In five years, South Korea will offer a better standard of living than France.

5 hours ago

Mohamed Morsi is jailed for 20 years.

  Egypt’s first freely-elected leader was sentenced in connection to a “show of force” that led to clashes between protestors in 2012 in which 11 people died. The Muslim Brotherhood is now banned in Egypt and Morsi still faces more trials by the military that ousted him in 2013.
April 20, 2015

Qualcomm chooses Samsung to make its next chip.

  The South Korean electronics company will manufacture the next Snapdragon processor, likely destined for 2016’s high-end Android smartphones, according to Re/code. The deal is a sign of increasing “co-opetition” in the tech sector between companies including Samsung, Qualcomm, and Apple.
57 mins ago

Japan’s maglev train breaks the 600 km/h barrier.

  Having set a record last week of 590 km/h, Japan’s railway company decided it could do even better—and it did. The new 603 km/h (374 mph) speed was achieved at a test track near Mount Fuji. It’s hoped the new train will be put in service by 2027 on the 280 km Tokyo-Nagoya route.

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