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3 hours ago

Greece won’t make an IMF loan payment due on June 5.

  The money “is not there to be given,” Greece’s interior minister said in an interview on Greek television. But it’s unclear whether this was just political posturing amid continued negotiations for international bailout funds. The country’s finance minister has told the BBC that progress is being made.
4 hours ago

Spain’s governing party gets tested.

  Local and regional elections being held today are expected to signal widespread frustration with prime minster Mariano Rajoy’s Popular Party, which has been unable to keep high unemployment and corruption scandals at bay. The results will serve as an indicator for the country’s next round of national elections.  
4 hours ago

General Motors may face criminal charges over faulty ignition switches.

  The switches have been linked to more than 100 deaths. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, federal prosecutors are likely to seek more than $1 billion in penalties for alleged misstatements the automaker made about the switches, and are still considering whether or not to charge individual employees.
May 23, 2015

Ireland votes yes on gay marriage.

  The majority-Catholic country overwhelmingly voted to support marriage “without distinction as to their sex.” It’s the first time a nation has approved gay marriage by a popular vote.
May 22, 2015

ISIL takes control of the last Syria-Iraq border crossing.

  Syrian government forces withdrew from the crossing at al-Tanf, allowing Islamic State militants to form a more direct link between their forces in the two countries. ISIL now controls half of Syria’s territory, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
May 23, 2015
Chart of the Moment

Apple Watch demand is still looking flat after a massive first day.

May 22, 2015

France will make big supermarkets donate unsold food to charity.

  The country’s parliament passed the measure unanimously as part of an effort to reduce food waste. Instead of destroying unsold food, large grocery retailers will have to sign contracts with charities by July of next year or face penalties.    
May 22, 2015

Moody’s cuts Puerto Rico’s credit rating.

  The ratings agency cut its assessment of the US territory’s bonds and other items further into junk, claiming it is unlikely to be able to access cash before a crucial June 30 deadline. The cut comes despite the Puerto Rico government issuing a new, austere budget (paywall).
May 22, 2015

Science can now tell you which Instagram filter to use.

  If you want more likes, views, and comments, use warmer filters, higher contrasts, and higher exposures—and avoid “aging” your photos on purpose. Those are the recommendations from researchers who analyzed 7.6 million photos uploaded to Flickr via Instagram.

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