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This start-up wants to disrupt the corrupt global “maid trade”—by charging the rich more

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The world’s most sophisticated malware is on the loose.

  Cyber security company Symantec said the spying software called Regin was almost certainly created by a nation state, with the United States and Israel the most likely culprits. The sophisticated “back door-type Trojan” has been primarily used against government and business targets in Russia and Saudi Arabia.
43 mins ago

US regulators take the wind out of commercial drones.

  The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to rule that operators must hold a license and fly during daylight, below 400ft (122 meters), and within sight of the person at the controls, according to the Wall Street Journal. Those rules would ban many commercial drone applications, including pipeline inspections, crop monitoring, and package deliveries.
November 23, 2014

Iran: Deal or no deal?

  Probably no deal—negotiators say it’s looking unlikely that the US, UK, China, France, Russia, and Germany can reach an agreement with Iran over its nuclear program by a Monday deadline. US secretary of state John Kerry has met his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, four times in three days but says there are still “serious gaps” between the two sides.   
November 23, 2014

A new chapter in the Arab Spring.

  Tunisians are voting for their first elected president since the 2011 revolution that kickstarted a wave of revolts across the region. Almost 30 candidates are running. In October, the secular Nidaa Tounes party won the most seats in parliament, beating the main Islamists, and its leader is one of the frontrunners.  
November 22, 2014

Portugal’s former prime minister is arrested.

   Jose Socrates has been arrested by police as part of an investigation into money-laundering and bribery. Three others have also been detained. Socrates led the government from 2005 to 2011, when he was ousted by the public following the country’s bailout during the financial crisis. The current government is also caught up in a separate corruption scandal.  
November 22, 2014
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As France’s economy gets weaker, the Christmas lights come earlier…

1 hour ago

How to make a stress-free Thanksgiving pie crust:

  Go ahead and make twice as much dough.

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