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Quartz Daily Brief reaches 50,000 subscribers

January 24, 2014 – The Quartz Daily Brief, a morning news email for “smart, busy people,” has just surpassed 50,000 subscribers.

Each day, Quartz’s team of reporters culls from the world’s news sources to write a roundup of the most important, interesting things happening globally. The result: an expertly curated, read-in-five-minutes email that’s being called “the best thing in my inbox,” “my news lifeblood” and “[a] must read.”

The Daily Brief goes through a thorough editorial process and is written and edited by several Quartz journalists, including global news editor Gideon Lichfield and senior Asia correspondent Adam Pasick. Editors work around the clock to produce the Brief’s three global editions, which arrive for readers during their mornings in Asia, Europe/Africa, and the Americas.

“It may sound retro, but a very high-quality email briefing is an optimal mobile news product for many people,” said Kevin J. Delaney, Quartz editor in chief and co-founder. “Readers tell us the Daily Brief is the first thing they look at on their phones as they begin their day. And Quartz’s team of journalists takes a lot of care to provide them with the most useful and interesting collection of news developments, matters of debate, and surprising discoveries in the world.”

The Daily Brief’s unique tone and content have attracted a special community of business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and thinkers, who read the email regularly. The Daily Brief’s open rate (the percentage of all emails sent that are opened) is above 40%, a level much higher than the industry average.

You can sign up for the Quartz Daily Brief for free here.

Quartz Promotes Ryan Grabenkort to Regional Director, West Coast and APAC

December 19, 2013—Quartz announces today the promotion of Ryan Grabenkort to Regional Director, West Coast and APAC. Based in San Francisco, Grabenkort will continue managing West Coast sales and will also manage Quartz’ representative firm, Novuus, in Singapore. Grabenkort will continue to report to Joy Robins, Vice President of Advertising and Strategy at Quartz.

“As Quartz continues to expand and focus on global opportunities, Ryan is the right person to focus on growing our advertising base in Asia,” Robins said. “He is a media executive with a successful track record and a sophisticated understanding of the market we operate in.”

Previously, Grabenkort has also worked worked as Managing Director for National Journal, West Coast Director and Director of Advertising for The Atlantic, and Associate Director of Advertising for Government Executive.

Quartz has grown it’s readership to 4MM unique readers per month, doubled its revenue in 2014 over 2013, and brought in more than 40 new accounts, including Ryan’s new business this year from BlackRock, iShares, Adobe, Salesforce, Charles Schwab, Sony, VMware, Cathay Pacific, and others.


Quartz Launches Annotations
Presented by Citi

August 6, 2013—Quartz ( has launched annotations, a new service that allows readers to contribute to articles on the site, it was announced today by editor-in-chief Kevin J. Delaney. Readers can now annotate Quartz stories on the level of individual paragraphs, in a new spin on commenting that is intended to encourage thoughtful contributions and feature them prominently alongside the original content.

This new feature is presented by Citi.

“Our aim with Quartz from the start has been to rethink any conventions of websites that didn’t serve the readers,” said Delaney. “We felt strongly that reader comments were traditionally too often hidden, and unanchored from the original content they were about. With annotations, we’re allowing Quartz readers to comment right next to specific points in articles and share those views with their colleagues and friends.”

Some of the earliest newspapers had wide margins for readers to jot down their notes next to articles. And the web’s technical architects initially planned to include similar annotation functionality across all of the internet. It’s in these traditions that Quartz is now empowering readers to engage in discussions in the margins of its articles.

Quartz reporters and editors are themselves actively participating in the discussions, and will feature annotations that are particularly insightful. Readers can respond to each other, and easily share any annotations via social networks and email.

A video showcasing how annotations works can be found here. Quartz’s team has written about the feature here.

“The point is to encourage thoughtful discussion and tap into the deep body of expertise among our readers,” added Delaney. “We view the launch of annotations as just a start, and plan to further build out the feature as we see how readers are using it.”

Five million unique visitors came to Quartz in July, the site’s 10th month in existence, according to Omniture where roughly 40% of them live outside of the US. 65% of readers are classified as business executives, according to Bizo analysis.

You can follow Quartz on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Sina Weibo, and

About: Quartz is a global business news brand launched by Atlantic Media in September 2012. It provides a 24/7 digital guide to the new global economy designed to serve business professionals who travel the world, are focused on international markets, and value critical thinking. Quartz is optimized for access on tablets and mobile devices, and is also easily accessible on computers. Free and built for social distribution with no pay walls, registration walls, or app downloads, Quartz is ad supported and can be accessed at

Quartz ( Reaches 5 Million Uniques

August 1, 2013—Quartz ( reached a new traffic record with five million unique visitors in the month of July. The extremely rapid growth since the site’s launch just ten months ago shows the power of Quartz’s strong global business content and its embrace of the free and open web.

“The incredible traffic growth we’ve seen has outpaced our most optimistic forecasts for this year,” said Jay Lauf, SVP & Group Publisher, Atlantic Media. “Even more exciting is the incredible target audience we’ve been able to attract. That is, in turn, attracting blue chip advertisers from across categories.”

According to Bizo, 65% of Quartz’s audience are executive level decision-makers. About 40% of readers come from outside the US, with Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, and Germany among the top geographies. The monthly unique visitor numbers are according to Omniture.

The most visited of Quartz’s “obsessions” this month were: the mobile web, China’s transition, energy shocks, space business, the sea, and the future of finance.

Interest in Quartz continues to attract campaigns from top-tier advertisers including: Adobe, Box, Colloquy, Cathay Pacific, Growth Accelerator, Harvard Business School, KPMG, Morgan Stanley, Rolex, and Sony.

You can follow Quartz on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Sina Weibo, and

About: Quartz is a global business news website launched by Atlantic Media in September 2012. It provides a 24/7 digital guide to the new global economy designed to serve business professionals who travel the world, are focused on international markets, and value critical thinking. Quartz is optimized for access on tablets and mobile devices, and is also easily accessible on computers. Free and built for social distribution with no pay walls, registration walls, or app downloads, Quartz is ad supported and can be accessed simply at


Quartz ( Reaches over 2 Million Uniques
Launches Re-Design and New Obsessions

April 29, 2013—Quartz ( is launching a re-design to its desktop and tablet experiences, it was announced today by Quartz Editor-in-Chief Kevin J. Delaney. Quartz was designed with the reader in mind, and this evolution will improve the site’s navigation and make the user experience even better.

Changes to the site include:

  • The header at the top of Quartz is now smaller, more efficient, and clearly labeled.
  • Editorial “Obsessions”—the important global business themes Quartz’s journalists are focused on—are now more prominent and clearly labeled in the navigation.
  • The black bar on the left side of the interface is now gone, making the design even cleaner.

The site reached a new traffic high with over two million unique visitors (Omniture) for the month of April. Quartz launched in the fall of 2012 and has seen steady growth for the last six with 40% of readers coming from outside the US including Canada, the UK, India, Australia, and Germany.

“Readers are responding to the smart global coverage we do everyday, and sharing it with others on the web,” said Delaney. “They’re coming to us for creative analysis of the news, original reporting, data visualizations and unique commentary. Our goal with the latest site changes is to let the stories shine even more for readers, and simplify everything else.”

As part of their continuing discussion about the most important issues for global business people, Quartz’s journalists have made changes to the site’s “Obsessions” so that they now include: Mobile Web, Future of Finance, Internet of Everything, China’s Transition, How We Buy, Debt, Borders, US Immigration, Space Business, and Abenomics. The “Obsessions” of the staff will help define a significant portion of Quartz’s coverage, and will change over time with global developments and news.

“The reactions we are seeing to Quartz on Twitter and in emails we receive is almost embarrassingly effusive,” said Jay Lauf, SVP & Group Publisher, Atlantic Media. “Clearly Kevin and his team are delivering a really special product and the ad integrations we’ve delivered for companies as disparate as Boeing, KPMG, and Ralph Lauren have been similarly praised.”

Last month, Quartz released an updated interface for its mobile experience as well. This includes more intuitive navigation, a cleaner design, and offline support so readers can take Quartz anywhere even when not connected to the Internet. The site uses HTML5 technology and a responsive design approach so it’s easy for readers to access it using whatever device is at hand. Quartz recently won first place for Design at the 2013 Digiday Digital Publishing awards.

#### Ends The Year Over 1.4 Million Uniques

January 7, 2013—Quartz ended 2012 with over 1.4 million unique visitors (omniture) for the month of December, it was announced today by Quartz Editor-in-Chief Kevin J. Delaney. The site launched September 24th and for the last month of the year at least 30% of visitors to came from social referrals and 48% of visitors were from mobile/tablet devices.

“The rapid growth of Quartz’s readership shows the great demand for smart coverage of global business on the open, social, mobile web,” said Delaney. “We’re building on the success of our first three months by hiring more international journalists and readying a series of improvements to the site.”

Close to 40% of visitors to Quartz came from foreign countries (with visits from more than 190 countries) including Canada, the UK, France, Australia, India, and Germany. The most visited “obsessions” (the patterns, trends, and tectonic shifts that shape the world in which global business professionals live) were the fiscal cliff, the mobile web, and the China slowdown.

“In just over three months, Quartz has reached beyond the benchmarks we set for ourselves,” said Jay Lauf, SVP & Group Publisher, Quartz and The Atlantic. “Readers and advertisers are responding positively to the content, clean design, and the bold new ad formats.”

840,343 unique visitors came to the site during the month of October and increased to 858,183 for November 2012. You can follow Quartz on TwitterFacebookTumblrGoogle+Sina Weibo, and


New Global Business News Brand
Quartz ( Off To A Strong Start

November 2, 2012—Less than six weeks after its launch, Quartz ( is attracting readers from around the world with a mix of original reporting and analysis, content-rich graphics, selective aggregation, and a clean, responsive design that works easily across a range of devices. 840,343 unique visitors came to the site during the month of October. Readers have enthusiastically embraced Quartz’s free content and open approach to the social web. Nearly 40% of visitors to came from social referrals last month.

“Quartz has quickly managed to attract a global and mobile readership for our coverage of the most important and interesting issues for business readers,” said Kevin J. Delaney, Quartz’s editor in chief. “We’re continuing to improve the site and refine our reporting and analysis on an ongoing basis, and are thankful for the excellent response so far.”

Traffic in October was buoyed by Quartz’s coverage of Hurricane Sandy, which included links to live webcams throughout the northeastern US and tips for managing cell phone power during the storm. Quartz’s staff reported news continuously this week, despite the ongoing loss of electricity in its SoHo headquarters.

Throughout October, Quartz’s varied mix of global business news attracted attention with pieces ranging from a pointed take on the issues facing Intel and analysis of central bank policies to data looking at dog ownership around the world as an economic indicator. In its first full month, Quartz has featured coverage of dozens of countries. More than 40% of last month’s unique visitors to came from outside the United States.

“The rapid growth in traffic and worldwide attention for this brand new offering is exceeding our expectations,” said Quartz publisher Jay Lauf. “We are also seeing increased engagement with our advertisers as traffic has grown. Our branded content solution, ‘Bulletin’, is striking a chord with readers, some of whom have let us know that they enjoy the content from our partners as well as the editorial coverage.”

About 30% of Quartz’s traffic in October came from individuals using smartphones and tablets. was created as a responsive, web app optimized for use on mobile devices.



New Global Business News Brand at

September 24, 2012—Atlantic Media Company President Justin B. Smith announced today the official launch of Quartz, the company’s new global business news outlet, which can be found online at Quartz is designed to serve digitally savvy business professionals who travel the world, are focused on international markets, and value critical, forward-looking coverage of the new global economy.

“Atlantic Media Company has endeavored to bring high-quality digital content to influential readers around the United States, and we are proud of our success,” said Smith. “With Quartz, we are expanding our mission to serve the needs of an important new audience—business leaders who live and work around the world. Quartz’s goal is to be the 24/7 digital guide to the new global business order, providing international business leaders with the information and analysis they need to succeed.”

Quartz is a website optimized for mobile phones and tablets. And as an HTML5 web app, it works seamlessly across a range of devices, from smartphones to desktop computers. It does not need to be downloaded from an app store and can be accessed simply by going to

Quartz is free and built for social distribution: there are no pay walls, registration walls, or app store walls. The site’s radically simple, responsive design helps readers get essential information as quickly as possible.

Quartz’s staff is focused on core topics of seismic importance that fall into three main categories:  news, commentary, and lifestyle and management. Coverage will be rooted in what Quartz calls “obsessions,” the patterns, trends, and tectonic shifts that shape the world in which global business professionals live.

Initial core obsessions include the impact of shifting energy supplies around the world; the explosion of the mobile web; the growth and habits of the consumer class; China’s economic deceleration; the rise of digital payment systems; life and business in a world of low interest rates; the roots of the next financial crisis; the future of Europe; and the role of the modern state.

Quartz will also feature agenda-setting commentary on business, economics, and society by leading thinkers around the world. Content will flow through Quartz 24/7, targeting its English-speaking but firmly international audience. Writers in Europe and Asia will update the site during the working day in their time zones. They will also contribute to Quartz’s daily global briefing, which will be set to hit email inboxes with updated versions tailored for the mornings in Asia, Europe, and North America.

“Like Wired in the 1990s and The Economist in the 1840s, Quartz embodies the era in which it is being created,” said Quartz Editor in Chief Kevin J. Delaney. “We are publishing journalism that’s purely digital and framed by a broad worldview. Today’s launch is the beginning of an ongoing process of innovation around the best ways to report and deliver information to Quartz readers worldwide. ”

Delaney has assembled a staff of veteran journalists from some of the world’s most prestigious news organizations. Among them, they have reported from 115 countries and speak 19 languages. (Quartz’s development and reporting staff also knows 19 programming languages.)

Beginning this week, Quartz content will also be available on the ground-breaking social magazine, Flipboard, which offers beautiful magazine-like experiences of Web content on the iPad and other platforms. Flipboard has more than 20 million users, with 3 billion flips per month.

Quartz is pioneering how to launch a publication, and by working with them, we hope to demonstrate how new publications can reach millions of mobile readers,” said Christina Mace-Turner, head of partnerships at Flipboard. “We are excited to bring our readers stories from Quartz about what’s going on in business around the world.”

Quartz is ad-supported and its launch sponsors are Boeing, Cadillac, Chevron, and Credit Suisse. In 2013 Quartz will be accepting advertising from other clients.

For more information, please visit You can also follow Quartz on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Sina Weibo, and

ATLANTIC MEDIA COMPANY is a global media company with a diverse array of media brands and services aimed at an influential audience across all sectors—consumer, business, media, and government. Its properties engage audiences across multiple platforms—online, mobile, print, video, and live events. Atlantic Media Company has been recognized nationally as a leader in transforming all of its products into digital-first brands.

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