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October 23, 2014

Ebola is in Mali, too.

  A two-year-old Malian girl who traveled to Guinea has tested positive for the virus, making Mali now the sixth West African country to record a recent case. Senegal and Nigeria have since been declared Ebola-free.
October 24, 2014

Shinzo Abe suffers his third scandal in a week.

  An aide to Japan’s trade minister spent public money at a sadomasochistic sex club and later claimed for it on official expenses. The minister, Yoichi Miyazawa, has only been on the job for three days; his predecessor was forced to resign for misuse of public funds.  
3 hours ago

Hong Kong protestors announce a vote.

  The Hong Kong Federation of Students will poll members of the public to see if they should accept proposals from the government to establish a platform to discuss future constitutional changes. The HKFS initially rejected the offer after televised talks on Tuesday.
3 hours ago

Sweden calls off its search for a suspected Russian submarine.

  The country’s defense ministry put a brave face on the failed “Hunt for Reds in October,” saying, “people were proud to see our military can conduct a large operation like this.”  
October 23, 2014
Chart of the Moment

The end of cable TV is (sort of) nigh.

October 24, 2014

Time to rewrite dinosaur textbooks again.

  To make room for this really ugly one.  
3 hours ago

Cute robots could be the most dangerous.

  Their big eyes encourage people to drop their guard, and their passwords.  

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