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3 hours ago

Markets in Asia go steady.

  All Asia-Pacific stock indexes (other than in Laos) rose in morning trading, following a second day of gains in the US. The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes were both up by 1.9%, displaying a calmness that was missing earlier in the week (paywall).  
3 hours ago

Boeing and the UK get the go-ahead for a $3 billion military deal.

  US authorities gave the all-clear for the aerospace company to refurbish and upgrade 50 British military helicopters. The deal will allow the UK to perform counter-terrorism and counter-piracy missions, the Pentagon said, as well as better cooperate with the US military.  
3 hours ago

Citigroup predicts a recession in China.

  Willem Buiter, the bank’s top economist, expects the government to act too slowly to prevent the Chinese economy from contracting—which he says will happen once the “mendacious” official data reads 4% growth. Buiter argued a stimulus to drive domestic consumption is crucial to avoid recession.  
3 hours ago

Apple announces its next big event.

  The iPhone maker dispatched invitations for a Sept. 9 gathering in San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. The choice of venue—it holds 7,000—suggests ample news. Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus; little is known yet about their bells and whistles.
3 hours ago
Chart of the Moment

One billion people used Facebook in a single day this week.

3 hours ago

Usain Bolt was wiped out by a Segway.

  The fastest man on Earth was not injured in the collision, which was caused by an actual bolt.  
3 hours ago

Young Germans have adopted ‘Merkel’ as a verb.

  The German chancellor’s surname means “to do nothing.”  

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