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August 02, 2015

Barack Obama is set to unveil tough new climate rules.

  The final version of his Clean Power Plan—to be formally released tomorrow—will require America’s power plants to reduce carbon emissions 32% by 2030, from 2005 levels. The Obama administration shared a flashy video on Facebook laying out the president’s climate change vision.
August 02, 2015

Evidence strengthened that debris from the Indian Ocean came from MH370.

  Malaysian authorities said a wing part that washed up in Reunion Island, a French territory in the Indian Ocean, last week is from a Boeing 777, the very same model as the plane that went missing. Authorities dismissed speculation that another object that washed ashore was an aircraft door, saying the object was “just a domestic ladder.”
August 02, 2015

Italy rescued 1,800 migrants at sea in one day.

  On Aug. 1, the Italian coast guard rescued seven vessels of refugees making the perilous Mediterranean crossing from Africa. Reuters reports that 90,000 migrants have made it to Italy so far this year. Most of them then push north, to wealthier Northern European nations.
August 01, 2015

Angela Merkel is eyeing a fourth term.

  According to Der Spiegel news magazine, Germany’s chancellor has apparently already started planning her 2017 re-election campaign. The 61-year-old physicist is remaining mum on her plans, though she hinted in a speech last year that she would stand again. Merkel has governed the country since 2005.
August 01, 2015

There’s no Pacific Rim free trade deal, at least not yet.

  Negotiations between the 12 nations that want to create a free trade zone to counter China’s influence in the Pacific Rim failed to seal their much-anticipated deal Friday. Canada and New Zealand dug in their heels over liberalizing the dairy market while Australia balked at extending the patent period on biotech medicines and Japan drew the line on cars. They’ll all try again in August.
July 31, 2015

A new “game-changing” Ebola vaccine is confirmed as 100% effective—if you take it early.

  Researchers say they have finally found a vaccine that could provide complete protection against the deadly virus that has been raging for two years, killing more than 11,000 people in West Africa.
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The Clintons donated $14,959,450 to charity since 2007.

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