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24 mins ago

Optimism about a nuclear deal with Iran is pushing down oil prices.

  Tuesday is the deadline for an agreement over Tehran’s nuclear program. If the Western powers agree to lift sanctions it would allow Iran to pump more oil into the world market, and prices could fall by as much as $5, according to an analyst at Societe Generale. Some reports say the negotiations have taken a sour turn.
31 mins ago

Britain’s election season is now officially open.

  Prime minister David Cameron’s courtesy call on queen Elizabeth marked the formal start of campaigning for the May 7 vote. Cameron is seeking a second term, but polls have his Tories neck-and-neck with Ed Milliband’s Labor, making this one of the UK’s most unpredictable elections in recent history.
49 mins ago

A second Bangladeshi blogger has been hacked to death.

  Washiqur Rahman, 27, was attacked by three men near his home in Dhaka. Two men have been taken into custody. Rahman was known to be a critic of religious fundamentalism, much like American-Bangladeshi blogger Avijit Roy, who was hacked to death a little over a month ago.
57 mins ago

The personal information of the leaders of the free world was briefly leaked.

  According to a scoop by the Guardian, an Australian official with access to the passport and visa details of the leaders of the US, Russia, Germany, Britain, and several other members of the G20, accidentally sent the information to organizers of a soccer tournament last November. The leak was detected, and the recipient deleted the information. But the world leaders were not informed.
March 29, 2015

France swings to the right.

  Former president Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party and its allies took 66 local councils out of 101 up for election, compared with just 34 councils won by left-wing parties, including current president François Hollande’s Socialist party.
4 hours ago
Chart of the Moment

China is flooding the market with cotton.

4 hours ago

Duty-free retailers agree on a takeover.

  Switzerland’s Dufry agreed to pay €1.3 billion ($1.4 billion) for a majority stake in Italy’s World Duty Free, giving it control over a quarter of the world’s airport retail. Dufry paid a 22% premium on the average WDF share price over the past six months, and said it expects cost-cutting to save around €100 million per year.
4 hours ago

BYD predicts a surge in electric vehicle demand.

  The Warren Buffett-backed Chinese auto maker predicted its fiscal first-quarter profit will increase 12-fold compared with the same period a year earlier, on the back of greater demand for its new-energy vehicles. BYD made the announcement when it said full-year profit fell 19% in fiscal 2014.

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