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4 hours ago

Republicans sue Obama over Obamacare.

  They’ve aired their grievances with the president’s signature healthcare measure for months—to which he replied, “So sue me!“—and that’s exactly what just happened. The suit calls into question the $175 billion given to insurance companies and the delays in the deadline for when large companies need to offer insurance.
4 hours ago

Amazon is getting into the travel business.

  A new service—appropriately called “Amazon Travel”—will let customers book stays at hotels and resorts in a handful of US cities, according to Skift. The three hoteliers Skift interviewed said Amazon will give them access to its customer database, and that their properties were selected for the service based on their TripAdvisor ratings.
5 hours ago

Sotheby’s CEO is leaving.

  William Ruprecht, who brought Sotheby’s auctions to China, the Middle East, and the internet during his 14-year tenure as chief executive, is going to step aside. The details haven’t been ironed out, with a successor not yet named and a timeline for the transition not disclosed.
5 hours ago

A former US diplomat may have been leaking secrets to Pakistan.

  Robin Raphel, assistant secretary of state for South Asian affairs during the Clinton administration, had her home raided last month (paywall) by the FBI. They discovered confidential documents. The raid was ordered after a conversation between Raphel and a Pakastani diplomat was intercepted. She has not been charged with a crime.  
November 21, 2014
Chart of the Moment

Most unauthorized immigrants to the US have been there since before we had Facebook.

November 21, 2014

China cuts its rates for the first time in over two years.

  Slowing domestic growth and a struggling property market led the People’s Bank of China to reduce deposit and lending rates by 25 basis points and 40 basis points, respectively. The cuts are expected to boost economic activity in China and crude oil prices and mining shares jumped.
8 hours ago

The UK shifts right.

  UKIP, a political party that wants the UK to curb immigration and leave the European Union, won its second seat in parliament. The new MP is the old MP—the vote was triggered when Mark Reckless, the incumbent in a seat in Kent, defected to UKIP from prime minister David Cameron’s Conservative party.
5 hours ago

People who drink to excess usually are not alcoholics.

  A US government study involving nearly 140,000 Americans (paywall) has come to the conclusion that nine out of 10 heavy drinkers (defined as those who have four to five drinks in one sitting) aren’t addicted to the sauce. Apparently, they just like getting drunk.
3 hours ago

A teenage capitalist faces school suspension.

  Tommie Rose, 15, bought junk food in bulk and resold it to his peers. He was so profitable—making nearly $22,000 before he was shut down—that he even hired two employees to help. “We admire this pupil’s entrepreneurship,” said the school’s head teacher, whose biggest concern was that the business was trafficking in unhealthy food.  

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