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2 hours ago

China to send peace-keeping troops to South Sudan.

  State media says 180 troops will join the UN force in the country in January; another 520 will follow in March. The news comes immediately after China National Petroleum signed a deal with South Sudan to increase oil production.
December 21, 2014

The old guard claims victory in Tunisia.

  Beji Caid Essebsi, the 88-year-old leader of the secular Nidaa Tounes party, won Sunday’s presidential election according to officials, though incumbent Moncef Marzouki has still refused to concede defeat. Essebsi is seen as a return to the ancien régime, whose economic mismanagement set off the Arab Spring in 2011.
5 hours ago

South Korea’s nuclear power company is hacked.

  Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power says its 23 reactors are fine, and that it is “100 percent impossible” for hackers to penetrate the nuclear control system since its “totally independent and closed.” But the company says “non-critical” information was stolen. It’s yet to announce who was responsible for the breach.
6 hours ago

Uber faces bans in Taiwan and China.

  In Taiwan, where Uber has permission to operate “information services,” not transport passengers, the minister of transportation the company must “obtains the proper licence.” In China, the city of Chongqing—population 29 million—says Uber’s business model is “classified as illegal behavior.”
6 hours ago

China is unenthusiastic about punishing North Korea for hacking.

  In a phone conversation with US secretary of state John Kerry, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said Beijing will deal with Pyongyang and its alleged involvement in the Sony hacking only when it has more facts. And even then, it’ll follow “international laws and norms, and Chinese laws.”
December 22, 2014
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Suddenly, Google is surrounded by pessimism

6 hours ago

The Pope says the Vatican suffers from “spiritual Alzheimer’s.”

  In a hard-hitting Christmas speech to the church’s cardinals, bishops, and priests, Pope Francis called on the Vatican bureaucracy to cure itself of such ills as “existential schizophrenia,” “social exhibitionism,” and a lust for power.

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