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Why Apple is growing again

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2 hours ago

Siemens becomes a euro zone casualty.

  The engineering group reported a fiscal first-quarter profit of €1.1 billion ($1.2 billion), down from €1.4 billion a year earlier. Falling energy prices and lower levels of investment from European utility companies squeezed the company’s profits.
1 hour ago

Alibaba’s rival launches a food fight., China’s second-largest e-commerce company, announced a partnership with food producers in the Americas, Europe, and Australia in an attempt to dominate China’s fast-growing imported food market. plans to offer goods including ale, orange juice, fresh fruit, and Starbucks coffee.
1 hour ago

Facebook and Instagram go down.

  The world’s largest social network confirmed that a “major outage” of unknown origin lasting one hour also affected its Instagram photo sharing service. Facebook’s WhatsApp messenger continued to operate as usual, and all services are now back online.
7 hours ago

North America gets its first human case of bird flu.

  Canadian health authorities said a woman who traveled through mainland China before returning to British Columbia tested positive for H7N9, but did require hospitalization. She was not symptomatic on her flight, which flew from Hong Kong, so the chances are very slim that she could have passed on the virus.
1 hour ago

Mixed messages in Britain’s GDP.

  The UK’s economy grew by 2.6% in 2014, the fastest pace since 2007, but was hindered by fourth-quarter growth of just 0.5%. That was lower than expectations and below the 0.7% growth seen in the third quarter, due to a slowdown in construction, mining, and energy.
7 hours ago

Qantas and AirAsia scrap their fuel surcharges.

  The Australian flag-carrier said it would restructure its tariff system due to low oil prices, but customers aren’t likely to see much benefit, as the cost of fuel will now be included in ticket prices. AirAsia, still reeling from the loss of flight QZ8501 last month, said it hoped its move would bring down travel costs and boost the tourism industry.
2 hours ago
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One device is behind Apple’s recent growth.

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