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Chris Buck for O Magazine
Alternative reality.

The racial dynamics between American women are flipped in a disorienting photo series

Aamna Mohdin
Member exclusive by Aamna Mohdin

In three devastatingly simple photos, the yawning gap of inequality between white women and women of color is brought to forefront.

In a photo essay titled “Let’s Talk About Race,” photographer Chris Buck explores stereotypical representations of white and non-white girls and women—and flips it. The photo essay appeared in the May issue of Oprah Winfrey’s magazine, O.

In one photo, a group of Asian women are laughing in a nail salon, while white women give them pedicures. In another photo, a Latino woman is on the phone, ignoring the white maid pouring her a cup of tea. In the third, a white girl stares up at row upon row of black dolls in a toy shop.