Uber will pay drivers extra to shuttle teenagers

Uber just introduced a new bonus for drivers who give rides to teenagers.

Starting June 20, drivers will earn an extra $2 when they pick up teenagers who book rides through Uber’s “teen accounts” feature. While Uber’s terms of service ban minors from opening an account, this feature, which is currently being piloted in Seattle, Phoenix, and Columbus, allows children who are 13 or older to book rides that are charged to a parent’s account. According to Uber’s website, these rides get routed to a select group of “experienced drivers who have received consistently high ratings.”

Uber told Quartz that it has added the $2 extra fee because drivers are offering a more exclusive service, and parents are willing to pay more for it. The company is passing that premium onto drivers.

But teenagers are also the worst, and adding an extra incentive to spend time with them can’t hurt.

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