DC spills its secrets, the small towns that have too many jobs, and other stories you may have missed

1. The magical mystery cure

A group of Senators spent weeks quietly working on an Obamacare replacement, and on Thursday, the secret draft was finally released to the public. Full disclosure: I haven’t read the 142-page draft of the bill, because like most Americans, I’ve been too busy debating its contents on social media. A few big bullet points: It’s neither a full repeal of Obamacare, nor a wild departure from the House bill; taxes for the wealthy would be cut, and so would Medicaid; the employer and individual mandates would be eliminated. From The Atlantic: What’s in the Senate Republican Health-Care Bill.

+ WaPo with a solid guide to what the Senate bill changes about Obamacare.

+ Vox: The Senate health bill, explained.

+ The bill is already receiving pushback. From other Senate Republicans.

+ WaPo has a page with all the details and the latest reactions.

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