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rose bottles
Reuters/Stephane Mahe

The ultimate summer party cocktail for procrastinators

By Sarah Todd

Whether you’re hosting friends this weekend or laying low, there’s no time like the present to get in on frosé—the most Instagram-friendly drink of the summer.

Ideally, you freeze rosé in a baking pan overnight to get the right icy texture, then blend it with your pre-made home-infused strawberry syrup. But if you—like me—prefer instant gratification, here’s a quick-cheat recipe.

First, pour a chilled bottle of rosé into a sturdy blender. Combine with a few handfuls of frozen strawberries and/or other frozen fruits of your choice. (Frozen raspberries made for a tart, tangy addition in our test run.)

Toss in roughly two cups of ice and sweetener to taste—about three tablespoons of sugar worked well for me, and honey would do just as well. Blend (and keep adding ice if needed) until you reach the perfect slushie consistency.

And should you find yourself without a blender, don’t despair! Food52 got creative and dreamt up the idea of frosé in a bag. Just fill one ziplock bag with rosé, put it inside a second ziplock bag filled with ice and salt, shake away, and admire the miracles of science. With steps this simple, your biggest challenge will be dealing with brain freeze when you slurp too fast.