Connecticut’s problems, boots on Mars, and eight other stories you might have missed

1. Grey matter’s grey area

The iPhone just celebrated its tenth anniversary. Most people would agree that the technology has accelerated progress and unleashed a lot of human potential. People also seem to agree that technology has invaded our lives, distracted us, and caused as many problems as it’s cured. This conflict is especially important because the tech revolution is just getting started. The phone will be followed by watches, goggles and glasses, as tech companies look to overlay more information and experiences onto every aspect of your life. If you talk to tech evangelists, they’ll tell you it won’t be long before artificial intelligence will be implanted into our brains. Is this just the natural evolution of humankind striving for self-improvement? Or are we coding ourselves into the abyss? Steven Levy talks to Bryan Johnson about why you will one day have a chip in your brain. “For humans to be relevant in a matter of decades there is no choice other than to unlock our brains and intervene in our cognitive evolution. If you try to imagine a world where we are happy 30, 40, 50 years from now, there is no version of that future where we have not been able to figure out how to read and write our neural code.”

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