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The robot revolution has been put on hold

Mike Murphy
By Mike Murphy

Technology editor

From our Obsession

Machines with Brains

AI is upending companies, industries, and humanity.

If you’re worried about the inevitable rise of the robots and the destruction of the human race—don’t be.

One of the robots produced by Knightscope—which produces egg- and car-shaped security robots and wants everyone with spare cash to invest in it—either lost the will to live, or wasn’t able to perceive where the area it was patrolling ended and a small fountain began. The robots are supposed to be able to roam around an area, detect threats and warn human security guards.

The robot, stationed in the Georgetown area of Washington DC, took a tumble and had to be recovered by some humans in rain boots. It seems that much like the Daleks in Doctor Who, these robots also struggle with steps. Knightscope wasn’t immediately available to comment on what happened.

But based on my own intrepid reporting, security bots don’t seem to be particularly adept at stopping mischievous kids even when they’re upright:

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