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With polls at record lows, Donald Trump imagined himself today as a cowboy or fire fighter

Reuters/Carlos Barria
Just another day at the office.
  • Johnny Simon
By Johnny Simon

Deputy Photo Editor

Published This article is more than 2 years old.

Facing record low approval numbers increasing heat over his campaign’s ties to Russia and quite possibly a case of the Mondays, US president Donald Trump took a chance this afternoon to imagine himself in someone else’s shoes.

On July 17, Trump, with vice president Mike Pence in tow, hosted a “Made in America” product showcase part of his administration’s “Made in America Week.” The event was held inside the White House and on the South Lawn, and featured domestic manufacturers showing off their wares, from Caterpillar loaders to Stetson hats and Gibson guitars. Quick, hammy photo ops showed Trump sitting in the driver’s seat of a Pierce fire truck or taking a swing with a Marucci baseball bat.

For a president engulfed in criticism and a stalled legislative agenda, it must be nice to take a few hours to think about what could have been.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon
Trump, looks at a Caterpillar front end loader, made in Illinois.
AP Photo/Alex Brandon
Trying on a Stetson hat.
Reuters/Carlos Barria
Stepping up to the plate with a baseball bat from Louisiana-based company Marucci.
Reuters/Carlos Barria
Trump shakes hands with business owners in front of a display of Marucci guitars.

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