EPA/Alessandro Di Marco
The perfect disguise.

Two Italian brothers allegedly went on a bank-robbing spree disguised as Donald Trump

By Johnny Simon

It was a crime spree of yuge proportions, if not the subtlest of camouflage.

Two Italian brothers, age 26 and 30, are in custody after a string of ATM robberies in northern Italy, Reuters reports. Their alleged disguise of choice? Rubber masks of US president Donald Trump.

The masks seem like a pop culture reference to the 1991 action film Point Break where thieves don masks of former US presidents, but police say the brothers were influenced by the 1997 film The Jackal. In it, the main character, played by Bruce Willis, changes his car’s color to avoid capture. Vittorio and Ivan Lafore reportedly painted their white Mercedes black just before being arrested earlier this week.

La Repubblica notes (Italian) that in a single ATM robbery, the pair allegedly netted 92,000 euros

EPA/Alessandro Di Marco
Additional evidence.