The world’s most architecturally stunning national libraries, in photos

Around the world, governments found national libraries in order to archive its citizens’ most important writings, art and music. Less concerned with lending out books than a typical public or university library, national libraries tell the story of a country through rare publications and primary documents, like photographs, maps, audio recordings and letters.

But it’s not just what they contain that matters. National libraries themselves are a reflection of the country they serve; their architecture can offer visions of both the nation’s history and its future. Here’s a selection of the world’s most interesting national libraries:

National Library of China


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Library of Congress, United States

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Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Austria

Biblioteca Nacional de Chile

Sala de leitura coletiva – Biblioteca Nacional do Chile.

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Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Biblioteca Nacional, Brazil

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National Library of South Africa

National Library, Singapore

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National Library of Ireland

National Library of Greece

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King Fahd National Library, Saudi Arabia

National Diet Library, Japan

Deutsche National Bibliothek, Germany

Russian State Library

National Library of Scotland

Kungliga Biblioteket, Sweden

British Library

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