Was it this one?
Was it this one?
Image: IKEA

Quartz has contacted both Clapton and HBO and will update this post with any comments. In the meantime, we are speculating wildly about which of IKEA’s many rugs resembling matted animal fur were used. The Tjen? The Alhede? The Höjerup? Or the real sheepskin Rens? Are there other IKEA pieces on the set? Is the Iron Throne undergirded by a Poång chair?

Clapton won three Emmys for her work on the first five seasons of the HBO series. She took a break from the show before returning as chief costume designer for the current season.

“The budget is the same every year regardless of what we’re filming—it’s okay, but it’s never enough,” Clapton said in the talk. “Sometimes if you’re restricted it makes you more clever about what you’re doing. You can look at things, you can reuse things.” You can even go to IKEA.

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