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Cindy Sherman/Instagram
A kaleidoscope of selfies.

Cindy Sherman, the art world’s patron saint of selfies, is now on Instagram

Johnny Simon
By Johnny Simon


Few modern artists have as much claim to the self-portrait as photographer Cindy Sherman. Her seminal 1970s work “Untitled Film Stills,” which cast the artist as numerous characters in fictional movies, explored issues of gender and identity in a media-obsessed society through the various tropes of cinema.

More recently, her work has incorporated surrealist elements, but Sherman remains a constant presence and model, reflecting society back through a twisted mirror. So it only makes sense that that the artist who defined the critical selfie is making her debut on Instagram with a public profile. According to the New York Times, Sherman had a private accounts for months, but only recently unlocked it.

Inside the account, slices of the artist’s daily life are interspersed with distorted, manipulated and naturally Sherman-esque selfies.

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