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AP Photo/John Raoux

How to watch today’s SpaceX rocket launch

Mike Murphy
By Mike Murphy

Technology editor

From our Obsession

Space Business

The private sector is heading out of the atmosphere.

Between 2:51pm and 3:33 pm US Eastern time today, SpaceX will launch—and then hopefully recover—its twelfth rocket of the year. Elon Musk’s company will launch one of its Falcon 9 rockets carrying an Earth-observation satellite called FORMOSAT-5 for Taiwan’s space agency from a launch facility in Vandenberg, California.

To watch the launch, and to see if Musk and company can recover its rocket by landing it on a drone ship in the Pacific Ocean, all you have to do is click play on the above video at 2:51pm. If successful, this would be the ninth time in 2017 that SpaceX will have recovered a rocket it launched, and as The Verge notes, the company has been able to relaunch recovered rocket boosters twice already this year, bringing recycling to the space industry on a grand scale.

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