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It’s not just Texas and Florida: 50 million people worldwide faced floods in the past month

Reuters/Anuwar Hazarika
Flooding in Assam, India in August.
  • Johnny Simon
By Johnny Simon

Deputy Photo Editor

Published This article is more than 2 years old.

The last few weeks have seen massive floods drench several corners of the world, upending the lives of tens of millions of people.

Across India and Bangladesh, deluges during the region’s monsoon season affected more than 40 million people, and are blamed for more than a thousand deaths. In North America and the Caribbean, a series of hurricanes over two weeks inundated areas from Texas to South Carolina with high water. And this week, the Philippines is being drenched and battered by Cyclone Maring.

The photos below, shot around the world between late August and early September, reveal a disturbingly common reality that may affect even more people in the future. Experts predict that some storms are likely to become even more fearsome, frequent and destructive with climate change.

Cpl Darren Legg RLC/Ministry of Defence/Reuters
An airal view shows flooding and damage after hurricane Irma passed over Providenciales on the Turks and Caicos Islands, Sept. 11.
AP Photo/Mic Smith
Pedestrians walk by a flooded car on a street as Tropical Storm Irma hits Charleston, on Sept. 11
AP Photo/Aaron Favila
A resident swims beside a swollen creek as floodwaters continue to rise due to Tropical Depression Maring in Manila, Philippines on Sept. 12.
AP Photo/Aaron Favila
A rescue boat checks the banks of a swollen river in Manila, Philippines on Sept. 12.
DroneBase via AP
An aerial view of Jacksonville, Fla., on Sept. 11.
Reuters/Stephen Yang
Alyssa Delarosa, left, and Javier Gomez, right, walk down a street that was flooded after the passing of Hurricane Irma in Immokalee, Florida on Sept. 12.
Reuters/Cathal McNaughton
People are rescued from a flooded village in Motihari, Bihar State, India on Aug, 23.
Reuters/Shailesh Andrade
A passenger bus moves through a water-logged road during rains in Mumbai, India on Aug. 29.
Reuters/Carlos Barria
A truck is seen turned over as Hurricane Irma passes through in Miami in Sept. 10.
People wade through a flooded street in Havana, Cuba on Sept. 10.
Reuters/Adrees Latif
Residents wade with their belongings through flood waters brought by Tropical Storm Harvey in Houston, Texas on Aug. 30.
Reuters/Adrees Latif
Houses are seen partially submerged in flood waters caused by Tropical Storm Harvey in Houston on Aug. 30.
Reuters/Adrees Latif
Houses are seen partially submerged in flood waters caused by Tropical Storm Harvey in Houston on Aug. 30.
Waves crash against the seafront boulevard El Malecon in Havana, Cuba on Sept. 9.
Reuters/Erik De Castro
A man takes a picture of floodwaters in Las Pinas, Philippines on Sept. 12.
Reuters/Dondi Tawatao
Residents wade along floodwaters in Quezon City, Luzon island, Philippines on Sept 12.
Reuters/Erik De Castro
A partially flooded road is pictured in Las Pinas, Luzon island, Philippines, Sept. 12.

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