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This is the 338th mass shooting in 2017. More are on the way

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Vol. 338.
  • Michael J. Coren
By Michael J. Coren

Climate and emerging industries editor

Published This article is more than 2 years old.

The Oct. 1 shooting in Las Vegas is merely the worst in a fusillade of killings that have claimed an average of 45 lives per month in the US this year. And that’s down from last year, when 50 people died in mass shootings each month, according to the Mass Shooting Tracker, which compiles data from public press accounts.

The injury rate in the latest massacre was far higher than usual. Stephen Paddock, 64, of Mesquite, Nevada fired multiple automatic weapons from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel at 22,000 concertgoers below. Eyewitnesses said Paddock fired gunshots for “10 to 15 minutes” as helpless spectators sought cover. Paddock killed about 60 people and injured at least 500, according to the latest counts.

Although the mass shooting—defined in this case as those that kill or injure at least four people—is the deadliest in modern US history, it is the 338th such shooting in America this year. Mass shootings are a public health tragedy that other countries have virtually eliminated, and the US has stood alone in not enacting new policies to prevent them. If history is any guide, more will soon die.

Here is a record of most of the recent shootings, and their causalities.

January 1Miami, FL7
January 1Lexington Co., SC4
January 1Dallas, TX13
January 1Winstonville, MS5
January 1Rockford, IL13
January 3Allen, TX4
January 4Fontana, CA31
January 5Hubbard, OR5
January 6Fort Lauderdale, FL56
January 6Pasadena, CA22
January 7Flint, MI13
January 9Morehead, KY31
January 11Colorado Springs, CO4
January 11Chicago (Brighton Park), IL13
January 11Newark, NJ13
January 12Salinas, CA22
January 12Kansas City, MO32
January 13Williamsburg, KY13
January 15Magnolia, MS14
January 15Chicago (East Garfield Park), IL13
January 16Miami, FL8
January 16Capulin, CO31
January 16Houston, TX4
January 20Fresno, CA4
January 20Panola Co., MS14
January 21Memphis, TN22
January 21Boynton Beach, FL5
January 21Jonesboro, GA6
January 22Chicago (West Englewood), IL4
January 22Manvel, TX32
January 22San Antonio, TX13
January 22Atlanta, GA31
January 25Chicago (Greater Grand Crossing), IL6
January 26Albany, GA23
January 27Brownsville, TN10
January 27McAllen, TX31
January 29Phoenix, AZ13
January 29Bowie, MD31
January 29Shreveport, LA13
January 30Minneapolis (Crystal), MN4
January 31Memphis, TN4
January 31Washington, DC4
February 5Jupiter, FL31
February 6Yazoo City, MS4
February 6Swissvale, PA22
February 7Columbia, SC4
February 7Little Rock, AR14
February 7Morris, OK4
February 8Cleveland, OH14
February 9Jackson, MS4
February 10New Orleans, LA15
February 11Chicago (Austin), IL13
February 12Newburgh, NY13
February 12Savannah, TN4
February 12Caruthersville, MO15
February 12Greenville, FL5
February 15Chicago, IL32
February 15Salinas, CA4
February 17Binghampton, NY4
February 18South Bend, IN13
February 18St. Paul, MN5
February 18Philadelphia, PA4
February 19Madison, WI4
February 19Norfolk, VA13
February 19Ames, IA5
February 19Preston, ID4
February 20Cleveland, OH5
February 21Toomsuba, MS4
February 21Cleveland, OH4
February 22Rochester, NY4
February 23Newton, KS4
February 25Jacksonville, FL14
February 25Howland, OH23
February 26Gary, IN15
February 27Newport News, VA4
February 28Cincinatti, OH6
March 2Washington, DC5
March 3Philadelphia, PA4
March 3Riverside, CA5
March 4Sacramento, CA4
March 4Seminole, TX22
March 5Topeka, KS14
March 5Columbus, GA4
March 6El Centro, CA4
March 7Chicago (Auburn Gresham), IL4
March 10New Orleans (Gentilly), LA31
March 10Chicago (Washington Park), IL22
March 10St. Charles, IL31
March 15New Orleans (Metairie), LA41
March 18Detroit, MI32
March 19Louisville, KY15
March 22Rothschild, WI5
March 23Crowley, LA31
March 23Waldorf, MD4
March 24St. Louis, MO16
March 24Fresno, CA14
March 25Knoxville, TN14
March 25Allentown, PA13
March 25Detroit, MI13
March 26Cincinatti, OH215
March 26Houston, TX24
March 26Cleveland, OH22
March 27Sanford, FL24
March 27Cleveland, OH22
March 30Canton, OH4
March 30Chicago (South Shore), IL4
April 1Tampa, FL14
April 1Oklahoma City, OK23
April 1Pittsburg, CA5
April 2Des Moines, IA5
April 2Chicago (Fifth City), IL24
April 3Philadelphia, PA31
April 4Lubbock, TX7
April 6Lake Charles, LA13
April 7St. Paul, MN41
April 7Hickory, NC31
April 7Houston, TX5
April 7Chicago (Austin), IL15
April 9San Antonio, TX13
April 9Fort Wayne, IN13
April 10San Bernardino, CA31
April 13Atlanta, GA13
April 13West Park, FL22
April 15Indianapolis, IN4
April 15Philadelphia, PA4
April 15Birmingham, AL6
April 15Harvey, IL4
April 15Rock Falls, IL4
April 15Banning, CA4
April 16Columbus, OH9
April 16Vallejo, CA8
April 16Elizabeth City, NC4
April 16Rockford, IL4
April 20Louisville, KY4
April 21Palm Bay, FL22
April 23Miami, FL14
April 25New Orleans, LA15
April 26Miami, FL4
April 27Newark, NJ13
April 28Hartford, CT4
April 28Chester, PA5
April 29Germantown, MD13
April 29Whittier, CA13
April 29Sacramento, CA5
April 29Virginia Beach, VA4
April 29Compton, CA4
April 29Los Angeles (Boyle Heights), CA13
April 30Lafayette, LA13
April 30Topeka, KS41
April 30Loris, SC15
April 30San Diego, CA27
April 30Jacksonville, FL5
May 1Dallas, TX23
May 2Jacksonville, FL13
May 4Flint, MI14
May 7Chicago (Brighton Park), IL28
May 9Kansas City, KS31
May 10Trenton, NJ13
May 12Kirkersville, OH4
May 13Avon Park, FL5
May 13Dolton, IL5
May 13Jonesboro, AR16
May 14Fort Worth, TX4
May 16Ruffin, SC31
May 20Philadelphia, PA9
May 21Des Moines, IA13
May 21Mesa, AZ4
May 26Miami, FL4
May 27Washington, DC17
May 27Bogue Chitto, MS81
May 28Paterson, NJ15
May 28Phenix City, AL12
May 28New York (Manhattan), NY4
May 28Moss Point, MS5
May 29Louisville, KY13
June 1St. Louis, MO4
June 2Laredo, TX23
June 2Los Angeles, CA13
June 3New Orleans, LA32
June 3St. Louis, MO31
June 3New Orleans, LA4
June 4Washington Co., IN4
June 5Orlando, FL6
June 5Sandy, UT32
June 6Fresno, CA31
June 8Eaton Twp., PA4
June 8New Orleans, LA6
June 9Fort Worth, TX25
June 10Memphis, TN4
June 11Chattanooga, TN4
June 11Chicago (Lawndale), IL9
June 11Houston, TX4
June 13Baltimore, MD22
June 13Baltimore, MD4
June 14Alexandria, VA14
June 14San Francisco, CA42
June 14Canton, OH4
June 15Richmond, VA13
June 15Hall County, GA4
June 15La Madera, NM5
June 16Columbus, OH14
June 17Chicago (Humboldt Park), IL4
June 17Chicago (South Austin), IL4
June 18Myrtle Beach, SC7
June 18St. Louis, MO23
June 18Washington, DC4
June 22Atlanta, GA16
June 24Fort Lauderdale, FL14
June 24Bethel, NC4
June 24Willingboro, NJ4
June 25San Diego, CA22
June 25New York (Harlem), NY7
June 25Washington, DC4
June 25St. Louis, MO13
June 27Chicago (Austin), IL5
June 28Akron, OH13
June 29Las Vegas, NV14
June 30New York (Bronx), NY26
July 1Little Rock, AR25
July 1Winston-Salem, NC4
July 1Newark, NJ22
July 1Pembroke Twp., IL4
July 2Greenwood, SC4
July 2Oakland, CA4
July 2Jersey City, NJ4
July 3Pontiac, MI13
July 3Prattville, AL31
July 4Hampton, VA14
July 4Orlando, FL4
July 4Savannah, GA4
July 4Raleigh, NC13
July 4Greenfield, OH22
July 5Chicago (Roseland), IL22
July 5Madison, ME41
July 6Meridian, MS4
July 8Alton, IL4
July 8Colerain Twp, OH18
July 9Lawrenceville, VA7
July 12Gardendale, AL4
July 12Desert Hot Springs, CA4
July 13Pickens County, SC4
July 15Chicago (West Pullman), IL4
July 15Philadelphia, PA13
July 18Milwaukee, WI4
July 18El Mirage, AZ4
July 18McKenzie Co., ND22
July 19Trenton, NJ13
July 19Los Angeles, CA13
July 19Richmond, VA5
July 19Houston, TX23
July 19Columbus, OH23
July 22Cincinatti, OH5
July 23Chicago (Avalon Park), IL13
July 23Baton Rouge, LA4
July 26High Point, NC7
July 28Chicago (South Shore), IL14
July 29Salisbury, NC23
July 29Wilmington, DE4
July 29Buffalo, NY14
July 30Norfolk, VA13
July 30El Paso, TX4
July 31Decatur, IL4
July 31Colorado Springs, CO22
August 1Chicago (Humboldt Park), IL4
August 1Fresno, CA7
August 1Toppenish, WA6
August 2Baltimore, MD4
August 2South Bend, IN22
August 3Washington, DC13
August 4Lodge Grass, MT32
August 5Tallahasee, FL13
August 5Lakewood, NJ4
August 5Allendale, SC13
August 6New York (1st mass shooting the Bronx on this date), NY4
August 6New York (2nd mass shooting in the Bronx on this date), NY6
August 6Oakland, CA7
August 8Chicago (Bronzeville), IL16
August 12St. Louis Co., MO13
August 13Sacramento, CA4
August 13Suffolk, VA4
August 13Philadelphia (Mantua), PA5
August 13San Jose, CA5
August 14Los Angeles (Hollywood), CA22
August 16St. Louis, MO13
August 16Wyandanch, NY4
August 19Cleveland, OH14
August 19San Antonio, TX4
August 20Brooklyn, NY4
August 20Chicago (West Pullman), IL16
August 21Memphis, TN4
August 21Newark, NJ4
August 21Baltimore, MD13
August 21Halifax Co., NC4
August 21Dallas, TX4
August 21Chicago (Austin), IL4
August 21Newark, NJ13
August 21Wichita, KS4
August 24Blomington, CA4
August 25Glasgow Village, MO4
August 26Gainesville, FL4
August 27Evansville, IN13
August 27Sacramento, CA14
August 28Clovis, NM24
August 30Sacramento, CA14
September 2Chicago (Gresham), IL13
September 2Louisville, KY4
September 3Lennox, CA32
September 4Bellwood, IL4
September 6Chicago (South Side), IL4
September 9Selma, AL4
September 10New Orleans, LA4
September 10Plano, TX91
September 13Rockford, WA13
September 13Memphis, TN15
September 13Philadelphia, PA4
September 13York, PA4
September 14Chicago (Brighton Park), IL4
September 16Columbia, SC8
September 17Chickasha, OK8
September 18Detroit, MI13
September 18Petersburg, VA14
September 22Gary, IN5
September 23Bakersfield, CA14
September 23Danville, IL5
September 23Hartford, CT13
September 23New Haven, CT4
September 24Antioch, TN17
September 24Syracuse, NY4
September 24Baltimore, MD4
September 25Mays Landing, NJ13
September 26Philadelphia, PA13
September 26Memphis, TN4
September 26Baltimore, MD22

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