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A drone video of a lonely mailman reveals California’s post-wildfire dystopia

By Johnny Simon
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

The wildfires in northern California this past month have been some of the deadliest and destructive in the state’s history, burning across over 200,000 acres and killing dozens.

A viral drone video of a US Postal Service mail carrier shows him making his rounds, driving past the charred skeletons of cars still parked on the street, melted garbage cans, and block after block of flattened neighborhoods, to arrive at mailboxes standing in front of a houses still smoldering remains. The video was taken by Douglas Thron, a California-based, real-estate aerial videographer.

If the destruction wasn’t apparent in photos showings scorched wineries and mountains of fires, the sight of a flattened and vaporized neighborhood makes extremely apparent the indiscriminate power of nature.

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