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Anthony Scaramucci has 60,000 words to say about his 10 days as Donald Trump’s spokesman

Anthony Scaramucci book
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
Has he not said enough?
By Thu-Huong Ha
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Anthony Scaramucci is not a man of few words. The verbal exuberance of the former White House director of communications is precisely what the country was talking about days before he got fired (paywall) in July.

Scaramucci now appears to be searching for a new home for his particular brand of Mooch—unfiltered. A book proposal from the former financier, published Nov. 20 by Business Insider, promises 60,000 words on the 10 days Scaramucci was in office. That’s 6,000 words—about 30 times the length of this article—for each day of his tenure.

Scaramucci shopped his proposal to US publishers over the summer. One version, titled I Did It My Way, claimed Scaramucci was “driven to colorful language” because he’s “a ‘facts’ guy, not a ‘spin’ guy.” It pitched a “tell-all book” written “with a sense of nothing to lose.”

Read the full proposal, obtained by Business Insider:

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For the time being, a Mooch tell-all seems unlikely to grace bookshelves. According to BI, Scaramucci decided not to pursue publishing this book as recently as last Monday. (He has not responded to a request for comment from Quartz.) “In order for publishers to be interested, it would have to be a tell-all,” Scaramucci told the site. “Not one publisher wanted anything else. I am a team player and don’t want to write a tell-all.” Or maybe he has just finally run out of air.

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