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Even Sean Spicer thinks sexual-misconduct accusations against Trump “should be treated seriously”

Reuters/Jonathan Ernst
Et tu, Spicer?
Published This article is more than 2 years old.

Sean Spicer now says he thinks that all allegations of sexual misconduct “should be treated seriously”—including those made against his one-time boss Donald Trump.

His statement on Fox Business today (Nov.29) is a marked departure for the former White House press secretary, who made a name for himself by bullishly defending Trump against myriad criticisms during the six months he spent briefing reporters.

Spicer’s comments were made during an interview with host Maria Bartiromo, who asked whether there were any developments from the women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment and assault. “I would say that all allegations should be treated seriously. I think we can’t dismiss people who make those,” Spicer said.

Comparing Trump’s situation to that of Matt Lauer, the longtime Today show host who was fired by NBC News this morning, Spicer said “It’s not as clear cut in the cases of elected officials, in the sense that in a private company just a matter of employment can be dealt with at the HR,” he said.

He mentioned the House and Senates ethics committees as potentially appropriate venues to look at allegations against elected officials. He also said ultimately voters have their say in whether or not accusations are credible.

Trump has been accused publicly by 17 women of sexual misconduct including assault, voyeurism, and harassment. Trump has vehemently denied each of the allegations, saying in one instance that the woman in question “would not have been my first choice.”

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