You can watch the full scene here in Spanish. (The English version isn’t readily available online, but the prediction is a visual gag in the first seconds of the clip.) In the English version, director Ron Howard, voicing himself, goes to pitch a movie to his frequent collaborator, producer Brian Grazer:

The Disney prophesy is just one of several foretold by Matt Groening’s legendary comedy series. In 2000, for instance, the show predicted Donald Trump’s presidency.

The fate of shows such as The Simpsons is still to be determined. Fox will retain control of the Fox broadcast network (which broadcasts The Simpsons) but how the channel will move forward without the TV production company that fuels it is unclear.

It’s possible that The Simpsons, already renewed for at least a 29th and 30th season, could end up on a different network. That’s one development the show didn’t see coming.

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