This might be the most stereotypical pitch of CES 2018

The 2018 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gets underway on Sunday, (Jan. 7), but it’s possible I’ve already found the product that most perfectly sums up everything we’ll see there.

Mota, a drone company headquartered in Silicon Valley, sent reporters a summary of what it’ll be showing off at CES, and the email includes pretty much every bit of 2018 tech jargon you could hope for:


We’ve got:

  • Drones
  • An acquisition of another failed drone company—once hyped at CES—that ran out of funding
  • A solicitation to invest in an IPO of a company that apparently has 38 backers right now and has raised $0
  • For some reason, blockchain

All that’s missing is 5G, wearables, or self-driving cars. Any of those and we’d have a CES bingo.

The rest of the email makes no mention of what the blockchain has to do with Mota’s drones (but does note that if I reserve a spot to meet with Mota, I have a chance of winning a t-shirt!) Perhaps Mota is following in the footsteps of other companies and randomly attaching “blockchain” into its missives as a means of getting people to read them.

Quartz has reached out for more information on the blockchain drones, but not the t-shirts.

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