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Over the past month, BlackBerry stock has been a much better bet than bitcoin

Reuters/Brendan McDermid
Break those bricks.
By John Detrixhe
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Bitcoin is showing some signs of life after falling for four consecutive days, after investors were unnerved by Asian authorities considering crackdowns on cryptocurrencies. Despite signs of a comeback, the volatile digital asset has fallen more than 40% over the past month, lagging considerably less racy investments over that time, like the stock of BlackBerry, the mobile-phone maker left for dead by Apple’s iPhone.

At the time of writing, the price of bitcoin was up by around 6%, according to CoinDesk. A bunch of other cryptocurrencies, from ripple to litecoin, were also posting intraday gains.

But BlackBerry has soared by more than 20% in the past month, leaving some cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, in the dust. The company’s smartphones—and the game Brick Breaker—were once ubiquitous in corporate boardrooms. Its handset business has now been outsourced, as BlackBerry reinvents itself (paywall) as a software and services firm focused on cybersecurity, playing on its reputation for building an ultra-secure messaging system. Its clients now include the likes of Nato and the US Department of Justice.

Of course, bitcoin has suffered jaw-dropping declines in the past before making a comeback. (Even after the recent declines, bitcoin is up some 1,000% over the past year.) Thanks to the blockchain, bitcoin also has a reputation for cryptographically secured underpinnings. Even after a particularly rough month, it probably isn’t wise to count bitcoin and its cousins out just yet.

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