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I’m already equal. So why do today’s feminists keep saying I’m oppressed?

MeToo buttons
Reuters/Lucy Nicholson
Why does advancing womankind have to mean emphasizing that we’re behind?
  • Ephrat Livni
By Ephrat Livni

Senior reporter, law & politics, DC.

Published Last updated on This article is more than 2 years old.

Good morning, America. All your recent talk of gender equality has only shown just how far from woke you really are. Despite best intentions, the current cultural conversation about feminism continues to perpetuate sexism.

From my perspective, I’m already equal and was born that way in 1972. No need to fight about it now. I wasn’t waiting around for anyone to wake up or make space. Instead, I crafted an adventurous, independent, and productive existence with gusto, moxie, and swashbuckle.

Men never seemed inherently better at anything but hauling hay. So I’m impatient with discussions about gender premised on the assumption that I’m struggling at an imaginary starting line. Inequalities certainly exist, but women have been getting ahead, and doing great things, for a while, in the workforce and beyond. Yet the overwhelming messaging now is that we don’t own our power unless we shout about our woes, and that strong ladies talk a lot about how bad they’ve got it.

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