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Switch players can soon play Super Smash Bros, the classic Nintendo game in 2018.
Screenshot from Nintendo's video on Youtube
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Nintendo’s teaser video confirms Super Smash Bros is coming to the Switch

Echo Huang
By Echo Huang


Super Smash Bros. is on its way to the Nintendo Switch.

While fans were surely expecting the game on its latest platform—Super Smash Bros. has been released for all of Nintendo’s home consoles since the N64 as well as the handheld 3DS—it’s remained a glaring omission to the game lineup since the Switch was released last March. But the company confirmed in a virtual press conference yesterday (March 8) that Super Smash Bros. will arrive this year, though it did not specify a release date.

In its teaser video, two characters from the game Splatoon are seen chasing and shooting each other before the background goes dark and a fiery Smash logo illuminates another pair of characters. An orange-hair Inkling girl, a character from Splatoon, turns back and sees Mario and the archer Link from the Zelda games.

As expected, the internet lit up with excitement:

The clues in the last 20 seconds of the video suggest new characters will join the all-star cast of Super Smash Bros. It seems all but certain that the Splatoon characters will be part of the new game, and it appears there will be a new version of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as well. Some keen-eyed fans are also trying to decipher the silhouette of more characters in the background.

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