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Unless you live in Europe, you are more likely to be hired than fired in the fourth quarter

Reuters/Robert Galbraith
A message more familiar to India than France.
  • Jason Karaian
By Jason Karaian

Global finance and economics editor

AmericasPublished This article is more than 2 years old.

Want to boost your odds of getting a job? Consider moving to India. The latest results of Manpower’s quarterly survey of employers suggest they are approaching hiring with caution for the rest of the year. Of the 42 countries where hiring managers are surveyed, companies in 29 of them expect to boost jobs in the coming quarter. This is down slightly from 32 countries with a net positive hiring balance in the previous survey. The strength of expected job gains is also somewhat weaker in the latest survey, with 14 countries more upbeat on hiring versus 19 where firms are paring back hiring plans.

Still, across Asia and the Americas more companies expect to hire than fire in the fourth quarter, with Indian firms the most bullish in the world. Notably, Japanese hiring managers are marginally more upbeat than their Chinese counterparts. (In the charts, the percentages reflect the balance of employers expecting to boost hiring in the fourth quarter less those expecting to cut jobs over the same period.)

Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy, is also its most bullish. In the US, meanwhile, employers expect to add jobs at the strongest pace since early 2008, which may signal better employment reports in the months ahead.

The results in Europe are almost uniformly downbeat. Expected job cuts in places like Italy and Spain are deeper than during the previous quarter. Hiring expectations are modestly positive in Germany but stagnant in France. A small jump in the UK’s employment outlook is consistent with other encouraging data from the country in recent weeks. The overall picture in Europe, however, offers little solace for the millions of unemployed still struggling to find work.

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