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Porsche is recalling thousands of cars because they could choke a toddler

“My First Porsche” is no longer available on Porsche’s online shop or at dealerships.
  • Susan Howson
By Susan Howson

News Editor

Published This article is more than 2 years old.

It’s been a rough week for automakers. First, Tesla had its run-in with a bad Consumer Reports review, now Porsche is recalling 2,000 little blue “My First Porsche” cars, which were sold at dealerships and online in the US and Canada.

The Polish-made toy has axles and wheels that could detach from the vehicle and become a choking hazard. No children have been injured thus far, but Porsche can’t risk hurting its brand reputation with kids who could become a customer when they a midlife crisis about 40 years from now.

At $25 per four-inch wooden automobile, My First Porsche gave the under-three crowd its first taste of luxury. It proudly sports the Porsche logo, a spoiler, and a price tag that’s about 300% higher than the competition.

Melissa & Doug® / Target
This Melissa & Doug Flatbed Tow Truck ($14.59) is out of stock at Target, possibly because it’s busy towing in all those Porsches.

If you’re the proud owner of this overpriced toy, you can have your mom or dad drive you over to your local Porsche dealer for a full refund. Click here to see if the lot numbers on the underside of your luxury mini-vehicle are among those being recalled.

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