Richard Branson has just initiated a nationwide scavenger hunt for a lost GoPro camera

There goes a camera-full of compelling shots of Richard Branson’s Oxfordshire estate. (Richard Branson)

Filmmaker Chris Jupe (and husband of actor Katy Cavanagh) was hanging out at Virgin Group founder Richard Branson’s family estate in Oxfordshire, doing the sort of things rich people do—an aerial shoot of the home via a GoPro camera suspended from a pair of balloons. Then the fishing line he’d unwisely used to tether the balloons snapped, and now Branson has announced to his 3.5 million followers on Twitter a nationwide search for the wayward camera.

“So let’s try a social media experiment—if you spot the balloons then tweet @ChrisJupeUK,” wrote Branson.

Billionaires, they’re just like us: They lose GoPro Cameras tethered to balloons, then find them again via their vast reach on social media.

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