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A drone photographer captured San Francisco’s legendary fog swallowing a town

By Johnny Simon

San Francisco is known for tech bros, a prison island, and, of course, its thick, ever-present, fog.

An image submitted to National Geographic’s Travel Photographer of the Year contest shows that iconic fog in action, as it slowly envelops a whole Bay Area town.

Ricky Batista/National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year
Sausalito, from above.

The photo, taken during a cross country road trip by photographer Ricky Batista, shows the city of Sausalito, north and across the water from San Francisco, being shrouded in a late afternoon fog while the sun sets in the background. Batista used a drone to grab a unique perspective, as the fog appears like some sort of slow-motion waterfall, cascading down on the city below.

National Geographic just wrapped up its call for entries for their Travel Photographer of the Year contest. The winners will be announced later in June.