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Fuego volcano is seen after a violent eruption, in San Juan Alotenango, Guatemala June 3, 2018. REUTERS/Luis Echeverria - RC1F326F30E0
Reuters/Luis Echeverria
Thick clouds of ash.

Watch as Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupts, spewing ash 6 miles into the air

Echo Huang
By Echo Huang


Guatemala’s Volcán de Fuego, one of Central America’s most active volcanos, erupted Sunday (June 3), killing an estimated 25 people, including three children, and injuring more than 300.

Volcán de Fuego, whose name means the “Volcano of Fire,” spewed lava and thick clouds of smoke nearly 6 miles into the air, according to CONRED, the government’s national disaster management agency. It’s the volcano’s second eruption this year.

AP Photo/Luis Soto
Volcan de Fuego, or Volcano of Fire, spews hot molten rock from its crater in Alotenango, Guatemala, Sunday.

Some 3,100 people have been evacuated from the affected areas, and CONRED’s director Sergio García Cabañas said the explosion could affect 1.7 million people. Cabañas said because the town of El Rodeo was “buried,” rescue workers haven’t been able to reach the village of La Libertad, where there may be more casualties.

Reuters/Fabricio Alonzo
A rescue worker helps a woman in El Rodeo, one of the most affected areas.
Reuters/Fabricio Alonzo
A soldier takes a rescued child to the hospital.

La Aurora International Airport, which is 25 miles away from the eruption site, had to shut down its only runway because it was covered in ash.

Reuters/ Luis Echeverria
Children play at a basketball court covered with ash.
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