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Buy now: Quartz’s “Indisputable Map of Southeast Asia” t-shirt

Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

T-shirts in Asia are politically fraught. Last month, Gap, the US retailer, apologized to China for making a t-shirt with a map that didn’t include Taiwan. Chinese tourists in Vietnam were also asked to change out of t-shirts that showed China’s claim on parts of the South China Sea.

Is any South China Sea map t-shirt safe to wear in Asia? Quartz has the solution: A t-shirt that shows every country’s territorial claims.  Now you can buy one for yourself.


For $15, you can now purchase the Indisputable Map of Southeast Asia t-shirt. Just head to this link:

Buy the only Indisputable Map of Southeast Asia t-shirt

You will be wearing the nine-dash line, China’s claim to most of the sea based on a sweeping sketch made by a bureaucrat in 1947. But you will also boldly display the parts of that nine-dash area that the Philippines and Vietnam say belong to them.

The shirt even includes Taiwan’s slight variation on the nine-dash line, the “U-shaped line.” Not to be forgotten are the Exclusive Economic Zones of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, all of which cut into other countries’ claims.

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