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Reuters/Jonathan Ernst
US President Donald Trump has trouble remembering some stuff.

Watch Donald Trump totally forget the name of SCOTUS justice Anthony Kennedy

Ephrat Livni
By Ephrat Livni

Senior reporter, law & politics, DC.

US President Donald Trump has a lot on his mind, what with the just-announced retirement of, umm—what’s his name? Although US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has one of the most memorable last names in American politics, the president struggled to recall it at a press conference today.

Kennedy has just announced his retirement from the high court after 30 years on the bench and sent a letter to the president today—on personalized stationery, with a signature and everything. Trump’s office issued a statement in response, saying that Kennedy’s writing left an indelible mark on American history.

By contrast, Kennedy’s letter did not appear to leave much of a mark on Trump, who fumbled the justice’s name at the start of his press conference, saying, “You know, we’re talking about Justice Anthony…”