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Three asian women stand at a currency exchange
AP/Sakchai Lalit
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How to get money on vacation without getting ripped off

Planning a trip takes quite a lot of administrative grunt work. Once you’ve jumped through the hurdles of booking flights, getting a visa, choosing accommodation, and getting yourself to the airport on time with the correct amount of luggage, it’s easy to forget: You also are going to need some money when you get there.

The truth is this that the way you spend money when you’re traveling abroad matters. Mindlessly using your ATM card or withdrawing cash as-needed as you do at home will not only cost you a fortune, but also prevent you from earning rewards and cash back on money you’re already spending. Nobody wants that, so what follows are Quartzy’s five cardinal rules of spending money while traveling overseas.

Getting money at the airport is (almost always) a terrible idea

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