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Photos: A hot Arctic summer has led to wildfires across Sweden

EPA/Mats Andersson
The worst in years.
By Johnny Simon
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

A hot, dry summer has made parts of Sweden and other Arctic Circle locations ripe for widespread wildfires.

Wildfires, not uncommon in much of the region, are so far reaching this year Sweden has received additional aid from neighboring Norway—which has also experienced its own spate of blazes–as well as help from Italy.

A Facebook post from the Stockholm fire department aims to raise awareness of the fires’ magnitude and of how much human negligence, like improper barbeque grilling, is to blame.

“This is definitely the worst year in recent times for forest fires. Whilst we get them every year, 2018 is shaping up to be excessive,” university researcher Mike Peacock told the Guardian of the situation near Uppsala. Wildfires have also been reported in Russia and Finland, the Guardian reports.

EPA/Maja Suslin
A road closed near Enskogen outside Ljusdal, Sweden on July 18.
EPA/Maja Suslin
Smoke rises from a wildfire in Enskogen.
EPA/Maja Suslin
Smoke over Enskogen on July 17.
EPA/Mats Andersson
Wildfires raging in Karbole outside Ljusdal, Sweden on July 15.
EPA/Mats Andersson
Dropping water on a fire in Hammarstrand, Sweden on July 16.
EPA/Mats Andersson
A blaze rages in Hammarstrand on July 16.
EPA/Mats Andersson
Firefighters in Karbole outside Ljusdal, Sweden on July 15.

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