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This paper shows just how unprepared the US is to deal with the problems technology has created

Reuters/Jonathan Ernst
Sen. Mark Warner has some interesting ideas.
  • Hanna Kozlowska
By Hanna Kozlowska

Investigative reporter

Published This article is more than 2 years old.

US Senator Mark Warner’s office has outlined a series of policy proposals for regulating the tech industry. The paper presents a number of well-informed ideas, but it also shows just how much the US government would have to do in order to take more control over Silicon Valley.

Warner’s proposals are divided into sections on misinformation, privacy, and competition (you can read the full text at Axios, which first reported the paper’s existence). They include:

  • Requiring data to be portable between services

Within the proposals, Warner, a Democrat from Virginia, pinpoints some of the biggest hurdles to controlling and regulating tech and the problems it has sowed:

  • One of the existing institutions tasked with overseeing the industry has no significant authority. “Many attribute the [Federal Trade Commission’s] failure to adequately police data protection and unfair competition in digital markets to its lack of genuine rulemaking authority (which it has lacked since 1980),” the paper says. “Efforts to endow the FTC with rulemaking authority—most recently in the context of Dodd-Frank—have been defeated.”

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