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Shalom! Manischewitz welcomes Paul Ryan to the Jewish faith with matzo, advice

AP/Oded Balilty
“Be prepared to gain a few pounds.”
Published This article is more than 2 years old.

US House speaker Paul Ryan’s recent discovery that he is 3% Ashkenazi Jewish hasn’t been entirely embraced by the Jewish community.

In a savvy piece of promotion, though, David Sugarman, CEO of kosher-food maker Manischewitz, sent the Wisconsin Republican a welcome basket.

Filled with matzo, gefilte fish, and macaroons, the gift offering is designed to help bring Ryan, who is Catholic, ”up to speed on all the amazing food that he may have missed out on in the first 48 years of his life,” the company said. Sugarman also included some tips to help Ryan “jump-start” his education into Jewish culture and values.

Dear Mr. Speaker,


On behalf of The Manischewitz Company, I wanted to reach out to you to congratulate you on your exciting news and to officially welcome you to the Jewish faith.

As the largest marketer of Kosher Foods in North America, we are very proud of our heritage and are so happy to hear that you share in that sentiment. As such, we thought that we would be the best team to help bring you up to speed on all the amazing food that you may have missed out on in the first 48 years of your life with this welcome basket filled with all our favorite traditional products, including our beloved matzo, macaroons, gefilte fish, matzo ball mix and more.

Additionally, we’ve included our list of the top ten tips and tricks to help you jump-start your education on Jewish culture and values and to make for a seamless transition:

  1. Knowing the Yiddish basics will be essential
  2. Make sure to clear your calendar on Friday nights or Saturday mornings for Shabbat
  3. Learn some Hebrew…or at least the phonetics (going to need to keep up during the high holidays)
  4. Be prepared to gain a few pounds, Jewish grandmothers will never believe you when you say you’re full
  5. The greatest compliment you can get is to be called a mensch
  6. Catch up on Seinfeld and every Mel Brooks movie
  7. If you think you need a sweater, take one, you never know
  8. Make sure to learn the hora because if you don’t, you may get injured (it can get really fast-paced)
  9. Be sure to memorize every famous Jewish person, great conversation starters
  10. Give your grandparents something to brag about, there is nothing they love more

We are truly proud to welcome you into the Jewish faith – you are in great company!

Best regards,

David Sugarman

President & CEO

The Manischewitz Company

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