Netflix earnings are imminent—here are three charts with context

The hottest stock in the US market is about to report earnings. Netflix is up a tidy 283% so far this year, making it the most high-flying stock in the S&P 500. (The index itself is up a not-too-shabby 19% so far this year.)


The company has ridden a few really positive earnings reports higher on the way up. But it also posted a somewhat disappointing result last quarter, when subscriber numbers didn’t quite live up to expectations.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 1.26.21 PM

Expectations have been on the rise once again. Wall Street expects earnings per share of 49 cents on revenue of $1.10 billion. But the key number to keep track of will be those subscriber figures. Buckle up, the numbers are due right after the closing bell.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 3.57.56 PM
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