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Facebook is hiring a “product policy director” for human rights

Reuters/Hannah McKay
Rohingya refugees.
By Hanna Kozlowska
Published Last updated This article is more than 2 years old.

Facebook, facing increased scrutiny for its role in human-rights abuses around the world, is hiring a “product policy director” for human rights, according to a recent job posting.

“As the reach and impact of the Facebook family of companies continues to grow, so does the responsibility we have to respect the individual and human rights of the members of our diverse global community,” the posting says.

The UN found that Facebook has had a “determining role” in the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar. One investigator went so far as to say that the platform has turned into a “beast” allowing deadly hatemongering to thrive.

The company has been linked to human-rights abuses and ethnic violence elsewhere, including in Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Libya. Advocates have repeatedly criticized Facebook for its lack of appropriate response.

Facebook is looking for someone to “coordinate our company-wide effort to address human rights abuses, including by both state and non-state actors.” The responsibilities include working with outside groups and governments, conducting investigations into abuses on the platform, creating policies to fight bad actors, and working with product teams “to ensure that Facebook is a positive force for human rights and apply the lessons we learn from our investigations.”

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